1914 a doctrinal lie that created an entire religion the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Finkelstein

    When you think about it the JWS was foundationaly created upon a single core doctrine which was created close to a 100 years ago, that is the doctrinal year of 1914 .

    The leader(s) of the IBSA in 1919 proclaimed that Jehovah had selectively chosen them or him as it were by J. Rutherford, they also self identified themselves as the anointed class the Faithful Slave.

    From all of these expressive endeavors a new religion sprung up eventually calling themselves the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Years and decades followed where more and more people were lured into the faith making themselves subservient devoted members as well, some also identifying themselves as the anointed class.

    The JWS proclaimed through their leaders (GB) that they were true loyal witnesses to Jehovah's will and purpose, but were they really ?

    Obviously not for much if not all of what the JWS preached never came about.

    This organization of people got caught in acts of false prophesying apostasy through the commercialization of literature which the WTS published, orchestrated by the top governing leaders of the WTS/JWS.

    As it can be seen with religion a little bit of emotive hype mixed with a bit selective lying, can create an attractive following of people, it can also sell a lot literature.

    The JWS religion is essentially a pretentious fraud and not only from a theological and scriptural viewpoint.

    People had been coerced and indoctrinated to be faithful and loyal slaves to the workings and operational desires of the Watchtower Publishing Corporation, with all of its false "commercialized" doctrines, such as the year 1914.

  • Overrated

    A very good description of Watchtower 's early life and base.

  • Clarkey

    I agree with Fink, the JWS religion is intertwined with the corruption started by the Watctower

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    It was founded on the belief that the Parousia has taken place in 1874 and all of their chronologies, including 1914 were based on 1874.

    Actually, the WTS's claim to its authority is now based on what it says took place in 1919.


  • Clarkey

    There was a lot of associated bullshit doctrines that were connected to the IBSA (Pyramidology) before the organization morphed into the JWS (1935) which the then leader J Rutherford once embraced and supported.

    I guess when the first things said about 1914 didn't transpire he began reworking the doctrine into something else.

    The JWS religion was founded upon theological bullshit and pretty much still is.

    The WTS's doctrines such 1914 had commercial appeal toward literature distribution, this reveals the true inherent corruption of the organization..

    Is this true Christian spirituality ?

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    In 1930, Rutherford was still holding to the 1874 Parousia.

    Whether Rutherford's actions represents Christian spirituality depends on the meaning an individual understands by that term. And do not ignore Judaism in all of this, as the first-century followers of Jesus were Jews, the writers of the NT were Jews, Jesus was a Jew. They were all part of Second Temple Judaism. So what is Jewish Spirituality?


  • carla

    It has been my experience that jw's today know little to nothing about 1874, 1914 or 1919 and most certainly cannot explain it let alone find any scriptural reasoning for any of it. Talk about the inches of the pyramid thing, or other crazy things (miles to cedar something or other? my mind must be going...) and a jw will laugh and say that jw's used to believe lots of funny things. Any attempt to compare those days to now and you just get the deer in the headlights look. New light and all that....

  • Clarkey

    Yes its true that most JWS do not know about what was preached by the leaders of the Watchtower during the end of the 1800's and what was preached about 1914 during that era.

    I didn't know myself until just a little while ago.

    Shocked a little but not completely surprised .

  • JoenB75

    I think in the green book celebrating jw past through their lenses, a faithful sister was praised for being steadfast while not being able to explain the 1914 doctrine. Like they promoted that it was too complicated to wrap your mind around while it really is not

  • TD

    In 1919, the late Russell was believed to be the faithful and wise servant and this was taught at least until 1923.

    In 1928, Rutherford claimed that the Society (i.e. The anointed as a company) was that servant and this idea, with minor modifications was taught until fairly recently.

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