Past 12 months, #watchtower has obtained more than 36 unique subpoenas

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  • john.prestor

    Spiral, totally with you. The Governing Body sure act like and talk like narcissists, especially these days with all their harping on remaining loyal in thought, like don't even question them in your own head kind of thing, that's how much they hate criticism, they can't stand the thought that somebody even criticizes them internally.

  • smiddy3

    Can you imagine Jesus copywriting what he has said ? or any of the authors of the Bible books copywriting what they have spoken about ?

    Or giving out subpoenas to those who distributed their words to the general public ?

    How about Jehovah copywriting the word of GOD ?

    He could have a field day giving out subpoenas to all of those that publish his works surely .

  • blondie

    I don't think the bible per se can be copyrighted, but versions can be copyrighted by the one that produced it. Of course, under human laws. I haven't checked this closely, just a thought.

    I am not surprised that the WTS/GB feels their words need more protecting than god's. I have wondered if jws are hiding copies of the bible first before WTS publications.

    I have asked elders in the past what should be the first thing we hide...he said WT publications; I asked him not the bible. He choked on that. I have related how in one congregation the WT conductor asked the audience what we based our beliefs on as he started holding up the WT; the COBOE grabbed the microphone out of the hand of the attendant and swiftly said, "the bible" as the WT conductor quickly put down the WT and agreed.

  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    it’s becoming obvious to me this is just a bunch a guys Loosing control. I have a funny feeling things are going to unravel here quickly. Having just recently woken up here I can say this is all very wild information that I really had no idea was happening. If the the lid ever really gets blown off these guys there is going to be a lot of hurt people I think.

    As for me I have a renewed energy and I am not going to go away quietly. I can see how this is going to gain momentum. I mean when you can read the new elders book before they get it that’s pretty telling I would say.

    Thanks again for this awesome line of thought.

  • ToesUp

    "Perhaps the Watchtower should send a subpoena to the Watchtower!"

    I really appreciated Atlantis' comment yesterday. It really was one of those days that you want to see some justice for all the damage WT is doing to peoples lives.

    His comment came "at the proper time."

    It gave me hope that WT is shooting itself in the foot and it's coming for them.

    Thank you Atlantis.

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