Will the GB ever do this?

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  • why144000

    Hi, not sure if this has been covered.


    I don't have much time for Peter Hollingworth. He has always acted like a pompous prick when I have met him or seen him on TV however he humbled himself and made an apology for his actions and the actions of the church.

    Any bets on if the GB would EVER do this?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Best they can do might be something like:

    "Some brothers and sisters may have been too eager on concluding that all rumors about unclean conduct involving minors are apostate lies. However, Jehovah has used the GB during many years to warn parents to protect their children. Unfortunately some did not obey these wise words."
  • freddo

    We abhor child abuse. We abhor the fact that we have been found out in that our policies on handling child abuse have been self serving.

    Most of all we abhor paying out money set aside for the worldwide life saving work (a.k.a our top class lifestyle in our retirement lakeside complex and a few thousand ineffectual trolley carts) to victims of child abuse even more.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I doubt it, highly unlikely they would do that.
  • zeb

    Not an iceblock in hells chance.

    to say sorry they would be admitting they have been wrong.

    to say sorry and admitting they have been wrong would mean an obligation to pay for medical and psychiatric care for victims and others so affected.

    to say sorry would involve humility. The elders and the gb rep Jackson showed none of it at the ARC.

  • Mephis

    Do they even recognise there's a problem which needs to be addressed by the WBTS as an organisation? Will they ever recognise that they have a moral responsibility from the position in which they've placed themselves?

    It may be late, but other religions are starting to face up to the problem and the failures of their own leadership to address the issue sooner and better, as well as how much they failed the kids who should have been protected and the survivors who should have been cared for.

    I will be genuinely surprised if the WBTS ever manages more than grudging restitution to survivors. And then only when there is no other alternative. They don't have the moral courage to face things like this. They are cowards of the worst kind because they love telling people what to do, but they want nothing to do with the consequences.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    I am not aware the WTS has ever apologised for anything - I would be grateful if anyone could correct me here with an example. And the reason is obvious - they never make mistakes. If they did, they couldn’t possibly write the following could they? (Awake Feb 8, 1972 page 4):

    The Wisdom of Admitting a Mistake.

    “Of course, admitting we made a mistake is the right, honest and decent thing to do. But it is more than that. It is also the course of wisdom. Wisely we are warned: ‘He that is covering over his transgressions will not succeed [with God], but he that is confessing and leaving them will be shown mercy’ - by God and by God’s servants. Admitting to making a mistake is the course of wisdom Failure to do so is cowardly When we refuse to admit we have made a mistake we are either too proud, or dishonest, or too stupid to recognize that we made a mistake …

  • respectful_observer
  • Vidiot

    Mephis - "Do they even recognise there's a problem which needs to be addressed by the WBTS as an organisation?."

    Of course not.

    Recognizing there's a problem would involve acknowledging that there actually is one.

    And that is not an option.

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