Why Register (R) jw dot org?

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  • steve2

    As the 100-plus year association with the Watchtower symbol recedes into the past, "JW org" with its white on blue grows in branding stature and brand recognition. Soon, if you refer to JW organization as "The Watchtower" young readers will wonder what or who you're talking about. Watchtower symbolism is gradually being replaced.

    The word Watchtower has accrued a lot of negative connotations in more recent decades. While past associations were about watchtowers being used to detect danger on the horizon, in the 20th and 21st centuries, negative meanings accrue around surveillance and "Big Brother" welding it over a captive group as when prisons use watchtowers to keep inmates under surveillance. The GB quickly sees the irony in people talking about the organization being a high control group and its having a Watchtower branding.

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