Why Register (R) jw dot org?

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  • pixel

    So, on paragraph 9 of last's week WT study (Number 30), I see the are showing the registered symbol next to jw.borg. Why would you register a website in that circusntance? I've never seem that before.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Well, they try to sue folks who copy & paste parts of their literature, so maybe they're getting ready for parodies etc. of their "divinely inspired" new logo and want to be ready to litigate for copyright infringement of their golden calf.

    Just wait and see.

  • Simon

    It's to protect their "brand" as they are a media company that services a narrow vertical (millarist christian sect)

  • blondie

    pixel, perhaps the WTS are worried that non-WT entities will grab that symbol up and twist it for their purposes. The WTS has been very diligent watching the internet for such websites.

  • pixel

    But see, I'm not talking about the blue-boxy logo, but they registered a freaking text website!

  • nicolaou

    Because God doesn't protect their brand as well as a copyright does.

  • jwleaks
  • GLTirebiter

    After they register the trademark, they use (R) to protect that brand. It is a conventional legal notice that "JW.ORG" is a registered trademark, a preemptive tactic against claims that any infringement was unintentional or that the brand name is a generic term free for anybody to use.

    While it is unusual for a religion to trademark their name, there is nothing wrong about it per se. Though it does suggest that the lawyers are calling the shots.

  • blondie

    pixel, that is true, but when I drive by the KH near me, the first thing I see is the blue box logo, not that it is a website.

    Just me perhaps.

  • Vidiot

    Just part and parcel of their so-called “re-branding”.

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