Reason's why it is so difficult to leave

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  • Mozzie

    6. You need your faith (Christian) - but where do you go?

    This is the point i am at right now.

  • Vidiot

    Mozzie - "...where do you go?"

    Who says you have to "go" anywhere?

  • scratchme1010

    6. You need your faith (Christian) - but where do you go?

    This is the point i am at right now.

    I echo Vidiot in what he says, but I'd like to add that maybe what needs to be addressed is the need for you to "go somewhere". What need do you have that you feel that the WT fulfills for you, to the point that you are willing to abide all their nonsense they say? What's more, is that need in fact being fulfilled, and if it is, is it worth giving up your life, your career, your healthcare, your capacity to think and decide things for yourself?

    Look at what the WT expect people to give up for them. Instead of looking for a place to go, look for the feeling you need to address that makes you want to look for something that the WT.

  • Daniel1555


    You can be spiritual but not religious...

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    1. Concerns about the effects it would have on yours and your family's social life.

    Ban every undue concern for a nice future.

    3. The Stress it will cause

    Leave the stress for those deserving it.

    4. The thought of feeling isolated
    Isolation has advantages and allow you to meditate on true friendship and true life.

    5. You want to avoid rocking the boat for rest of family members

    Instead of fearing to rock the boat for other persons, concentrate on your future (education, culture, etc.)

    6. You need your faith (Christian) - but where do you go?

    God is still the only One being at the helm to make the earth go round and round.

    7. The worry of making a fool of yourself ie fade and then go back - perceived as fickle

    Why should you return to human slavery. You deserve much better.

    8. The impact it would have on your family - arguments etc

    It depends if you have balls or none. If not it's time to get some.

    9. Missing your friendships

    Let me laugh ! What is true friendship ?

    10. Missing routine

    The less routine, the more life !!! simple as that !!!

  • Worldling9

    You don't feel stressed and isolated now??

    It's YOUR life, not theirs. Get a good therapist and learn how to stop caring so much about what others think.

    Moving away really does help, but you will be taking all of your baggage with you. Start dealing with it now.

  • DJS

    @ VIdiot, ScratchMe, Daniel, Worldling and TFA: Well done and excellent advice. I can't say I understand any of the hesitation other than family. And even that has a tipping point. The rest of it is screen clutter IMHO, a lack of spine and a lack of confidence in one's ability to thrive.

    If for one second I thought I needed the DarkLords for ANYTHING I would shoot myself. As for 'needing' xtianity or spirituality, again, I don't see what those have to do with the DarkLords or the DarkTower. Both are as far removed from either as you can get.

    Spiritual, as our dear friend Viv has pointed our many times, is a catch all phrase that can mean anything or nothing. To the dubs it means useless, worthless, meaningless works determined by a bunch of uneducated old men with control issues and as a gauge to judge. To me spiritual means nature, art, architecture, great wine, my family and my GF's ass.

    As for 'needing' one's religion: The two most misunderstood/confused words in the English language are Want and Need. The key to happiness and clarity of thought and action often depend on understanding the difference.

    I've tried to mute my responses, but OPs such as this make it difficult. LisaRose, Millie, Steve2 it's time to step in.

  • hyperpen

    You can HAVE spirituality outside of the JW. They will make you feel that you can only talk to God if you use their wires, not true. Many who leave believe they are leaving God, not true. I also do not believe you must have a church, religion or even a belief to have spirituality. Put the Watchtower down, go to the top of a hill or a mountain alone. Become one with the world around you. Find peace. The world is full of love and acceptance but you must love and accept it first.

  • Chook

    The first prob is you believe,then there is friendships,shunning.When you have an so much vested ,remember most promoted this as truth to strangers for decades.It becomes easy once you no longer believe.It becomes complicated when family members are in.

  • Mozzie

    The deity is the biggest thing i think. We were hammered with the Jehovah one God and no other, but cannot see the scriptural references to the deity of Jesus

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