Am I going way out on a limb? Why the USA is doing poorly with COVID

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Germany locked down very hard, but now are seeing a huge wave since their population isn’t immune. Germany also has relatively low tourism and as the EU bosses they simply took all the resources sent by the US and China and refused to give them out to Italy, Spain and Belgium while refusing to open their hospitals.

    In 1 day, Germany reported 22,401 new confirmed cases and 213 deaths or basically the full case and death load of the average Mid-West US state since February.

    The German government is evil, they are bent on European domination with a German master race, they tried to conquer Europe since the Roman Empire, this time they are using diplomacy through the EU with the aid of China and Russia.

    Also, the US is doing pretty well, most areas at least. There are concentrated hellholes like NYC that literally could be taken out and the US would be in the bottom of the list globally. NY has half the cases compared to Texas but double the deaths, and they are 6x smaller than Texas, so Texas should have 24x the deaths they currently have to even compare. And most of the NY deaths are concentrated 12x higher in NYC compared to the neighboring counties and 48x-240x higher than Upstate NY.

    And don’t believe the statistics you find, NY is not doing great, the way those stats make NY look good is by splitting it up into NYC and NY so you have to actually add the two stats together to get a real number. But we have Cuomo now locking down the whole state again on account of NYC because he has no clue what else to do. Same goes for Michigan and New Jersey. These states are simply poorly run.

    Also note that aggregating the US as a country but not the EU in the same way is likewise deceptive. If you exclude New Jersey and New York state, U.S. excess deaths were only about 10% above normal—compared with 5% for Germany, 25% for France and 40% for Italy (WSJ). So if you average out the EU and throw out their NJ and NY (Italy and Spain) (the EU is for all intents and purposes a single state aristocracy), you find that the US is doing pretty well.

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