Am I going way out on a limb? Why the USA is doing poorly with COVID

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  • frozen2018

    I saw this time article:

    If 71% of youth are in that bad of shape, would it follow that the entire population is in bad physical shape to begin with? What happens if a virus such as COVID-19 infects an unhealthy population? Do lots of people die? Are so many Americans dying because we are a nation of lardasses? Will wearing a mask help me lose weight? Does social distancing lead to boredom and depression and cause people to binge watch Netflix while eating junk food? Are we in the feedback loop from hell?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Ive just finishing watching the whole lot of House of Cards on netflix. Phew. Is there any more to come ?

  • MeanMrMustard


    Curious - if the US is “doing poorly”, what does “doing well” look like?

  • pistolpete

    USA has a population of 328,000,000------Covid deaths so far about 240,000---just do the math and see what percentage of the population dies from Covid. Which explains why Biden and Nancy Pelosi are still alive.

    I don't count how many have gotten Covid because it doesn't tell the true story. I already caught it and was sick for a few hours. My lady made me go check with the doctor cause she was scared she might catch it. I went and was positive. Had to quarantine for two weeks. Lady went and she had already gotten it and didn't even know it. So both of us are part of the 10 million who have catch Covid. All our friends have caught it and the most they were sick was two days. They were mostly mad because they had to stay at home for two weeks. Of course we are all young and healthy. I know Covid is real but the truth is that it affects mostly older people and especially older and sickly.

    But the fact is that every year we have more people die from heart disease and Cancer than covid. And this is every single year and there is no vaccine for heart disease and cancer. Check the links below.

    Heart disease Deaths in 2017: 647,457

    Cancer Deaths in 2017: 599,108

  • DesirousOfChange

    Will wearing a mask help me lose weight?

    Only if you keep it on at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • frozen2018

    Curious - if the US is “doing poorly”, what does “doing well” look like?

    That is hard to define and measure. Over 40% of the US population is obese. Over 10% of the population has diagnosed diabetes and 80 million more Americans are pre-diabetic. If the population was less obese and if fewer people had diabetes and other associated chronic conditions, would the effects of a COVID-19 on the population be less severe? Intuitively I would say yes although I freely admit I could be wrong. Maybe the key to fighting off COVID-19 is more obesity with the associated chronic conditions.

    And yes, pistolpete, heart disease is also rampant. People with heart disease contracting COVID-19 is not a good combination and heart disease rates are rising with the obesity rate - go figure. There isn't a vaccine for heart disease because, like diabetes, heart disease is driven by lifestyle. Be thankful you are in good health so things like the COVID virus are easily fought off.

    To be clear I'm referring to type-2 diabetes.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    The UK population to covid deaths ratio is more or less the same as the US as mentioned by pistolpete.

  • DesirousOfChange



    US 32,200 745

    UK 18,500 740

    Italy 17,000 711

    Sweden 16,500 601

    France 28,500 651

    Belgium 43,700 1168

    Germany 8,700 144

    I don't see any significant difference other than in Germany.

    WTF is Germany doing "right"?

  • bsmart

    Germans are very concerned about ventilation, open windows in the winter (5 minutes every hour in public buildings without acceptable ventilation)... Dilutes the virus load. Very strict tourism restrictions. Quarantine 10 days after landing or negative test after 5 days

    There has to be more that they are doing but that's what I found with a short google search.

  • WTWizard

    This cold might "kill" a few thousand (and most of those are in very poor condition already). The vaccine against this will kill tens of millions and make virtually everyone quite sick. Why are we doing so poorly? Because of our medical system that will not allow science a chance to progress, that's why.

    We get a vaccine that is 90% effective in preventing the cold and will make 100% of its takers very sick, and I keep just taking my supplements. Which have more than a 90% chance of making my case either non-existent or very mild (and lasting a shorter period). In fact, if everyone took 500 mg quercetin plus 50 mg chelated zinc per day, that would do more good than the vaccine plus the mask put together. Our FDA will not allow us this cure or prevention, so people keep getting sick that would not have, and more people get critically sick and die that would have just got a tiny cold.

    And what else is killing so many people? All the poisons put in your food on purpose. People eating at McDonalds just about every day--do that, and you are just about asking for a deadly case of something. Cancer sticks. Properly prescribed, properly administered prescription drugs--they always make you sicker (and, except when they are needed for an acute situation, are not warranted). We have a society where a blood pressure 115/75 is high enough to get you on a life of drugs, and cholesterol is a dirty word that will also get you a lifetime of drugs. And, people act like exercise is a dirty word. Any wonder why so many people get sick and die, coronavirus or none?

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