The most widely distributed magazine in the US !!!

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  • PaintedToeNail

    We used to get 4 sets of magazines, plus 2 study editions. Normally I threw away 4 sets of magazines. This occured after they accumulated for several months. I would bury them in the trash, just in case any JW's stopped by and saw them.

    Our congregation was periodically asked to take a count of how many we actually used and adjust our order downward. It was obvious that the WTBTS was anxious about printing so many that weren't placed.

  • sir82

    Anorexic indeed!

    Prior to the start of cutbacks, there were 1,536 pages of information available to present to the public each year (4 magazines per month, 32 pages each).

    Beginning in 2016, there will be 192 pages of information available to present to the public per year (1 magazine per month, 16 pages each).

    That is a reduction of 87.5%. Throw in bigger pictures, bullet-point style "articles", and super-wide margins, and the true reduction in content is well north of 90%.

    Good grief, at this point, why even bother? Just pull the plug already.

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