Need Help fleeing my country

by saorean 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • saorean

    Giordano thanks for taking the time to give a detailed reply.

  • Simon

    You're not being persecuted, you can leave the JWs and practically nothing happens. You can move to the next village / town / city / state / country.

    But it's not about that is it, it's a ploy to sucker someone into helping you commit immigration fraud.

    Tip: immigrate on personal merit through the proper systems, stop trying to claim you're a victim when you're not.

  • fulano

    Don’t be ridiculous saorean. Get a life in Lagos. Do you think we are stupid? I have worked for ten years in third world countries. Do you know how many wanted a bible-study just to be able to get a visa?

  • saorean

    Simon: immigration fraud you say? That's a ridiculous thing to say considering the fact that you've read from page 1 to this point. I'm not one to banter over words with an ex-jw suffering from a judgemental self-righteous hang over.

    Your opinion of me or my intentions is not my reality. A clean conscience fears no accusation, so Godspeed with that paranoia buddy.

    Fulano: I don't know what you've been through, but it sure does come off as a bad experience. A person your age and with your experience should know better though, that you don't paint everyone with the same brush. Your comment sounds stereotypically racist.

    I know you've had your trust broken by the organization, we all have. But don't allow that define you.

    Many previous commenters have dropped very valuable information and links which I've already started reading up on.

    All the same, I wish you both peace, the peace that your heart both direly requires.

  • fulano

    I know it’s hard to accept that some discern your intentions from the very first comment. You make yourself ridiculous to say you have to leave your country because of leaving the religion. Just say you want to go to Europe! Take a rubber boat and stop trying to get a visa on this forum.

  • LongHairGal


    I watched it....Sadly, all these scammers everywhere trying to target Westerners clogging people’s emails, scam phone calls, texts and other unwanted communications is very tiresome!!

    Most people now are wise to this and try to guard themselves against this!

  • Theonlyoneleft


    fleeing your country will not be an easy thing to do. From building new connections, to getting the right job , to housing, to country rules and customs to getting used to the weather.

    maybe you can move away from your area first and see how it goes.

    taking a drastic decision like that has its repercussions too.

    religious persecution it’s not normally associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses, so that’s a dead end.

    in my opinion if you still feel that you need to leave for whatever reason you need to, then you must sit and plan your life first. A legal plan though. If you have skills then look at countries that need those.

    Leaving everything that you ever known behind is a gut wrenching feeling that will follow you for sometime. And if you would be leaving wouldn’t you be away from your family anyway? So your relationship would be almost non existent, like if you left the jws (not the same but very similar) specially if you are in Africa and flights can be expensive to the countries you’ve mentioned.

    Is this something your family could do often? Go and visit you?

    I understand that you are still young, so explore all avenues before committing to something that can turnout much harder than it looks.

    Good luck.

  • smiddy3

    Need Help fleeing my country

    I think you blew it there and then ,

    You have not given any valid reason why you feel the need to flee your country ?

  • fulano

    Like all the food and housing. Thousands a month are trying. On top they think their diploma’s have any value here.

  • Simon
    Simon: immigration fraud you say? That's a ridiculous thing to say considering the fact that you've read from page 1 to this point.

    Not really. You know the word that comes to mind when someone from Africa is asking for something? Scammer. There's a reason for that.

    Going on a forum for ex-members of a religion and asking someone to give you a job offer so you can hop countries over some invented BS reason that you have to "flee" is pure scamming, however you want to dress it up.

    If you were a genuine job seeker with qualifications and skills to offer, you would be promoting those on a place where people are looking for those things. But here you are ... hmmmn.

    Who's to know if you are even a JW, or have just come up with that as part of some affinity fraud?

    I'm not one to banter over words with an ex-jw suffering from a judgemental self-righteous hang over.

    Then feel free to fuck off.

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