2019--June--8--Weekend Meeting--Video--WTBTS-PA

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  • Listener

    Drearyweather, are you not just a little surprised that they are talking about Jesus being the thumb of Gods hand?

  • Crazyguy2

    According to the Bible the Holy Spirit is a person

  • Drearyweather

    Sorry Listener, Maybe I missed that part. Where exactly in the talk does the speaker make this funny analogy? I'll listen to it again

  • Listener

    Drearyweather, I was going by Blondie's comment but I think she was joking. I tell ya, it's hard to know these days what is JW doctrine and what isn't. Just look at their 'this generation' interpretation, that's a real joke.

  • Drearyweather
  • Hairtrigger

    Definitely some credence to this nu lite. In fact irrefutable proof inasmuch as it fingered Tight Pants Tony The Turd in his attempt to be spirit anointed in that liquor store escapade!!

    Sooooo! It ain’t a Trinity but a HAND- with either a thumbs up or the finger!!!!

    Hell !! Diego Maradona nailed it long before you did Watchtower!!! It was to a cross too!!

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