2019--June--8--Weekend Meeting--Video--WTBTS-PA

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  • Atlantis
    Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of PA.
    Weekend Meeting-June--8th--2019 Speaker announced Song At 4 minutes 30 seconds: Public Talk--Is the Trinity a Scriptural Teaching?
    At 31 minutes 12 seconds--The Holy Spirit is described as a finger and not on the same plain as Jesus and His Father.
    At 34 minutes 20 seconds--Jesus is superior to the Holy Spirit and Jehovah is superior to both.
    At 35 minutes 20 seconds--Public Talk ends.
    At 35 minutes 40 seconds--Song.

    At 38 minutes 43 seconds--Watchtower Study.


  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    So, they spent a considerable amount of time on the scriptural proof of these ideas or beliefs.

  • blondie

    So the Holy Spirit is now a person?

    Jehovah is the hand

    Jesus is the thumb

    HS is the little finger

  • Listener

    Would this be the left hand or the right hand that they are talking about?

  • blondie

    The WTS buries the members so deep in crap, they can't see the light. Many give up trying believing that they are not faithful enough to understand the "deep" things of god.

  • Humphry

    Mind numbing bull shit.

  • HiddenPimo

    There is no teaching anymore in the meetings. It’s all emotional manipulation and videos and simplified BS to feed the masses of which intelligent ones are no longer part of...

  • 3rdgen

    I know a number of intelligent people "still in" but they don't pay attention to the meetings. They are planning their social life, daydreaming, thinking about where they are going on vacation, etc. etc.

    Although intelligent and materially successful they tend to be shallow.

  • Gayle

    What?!!! The holy spirit is like Jehovah's "finger"?, and Jehovah is giving his "finger" to all his people!!! Woop-de-doo!! (Can't resist!)

  • Drearyweather

    Nothing surprising.

    Holy Spirit as God's finger has been the Watchtower's teaching since the 1960s, not something new.

    Not only the JW's, but many other Christian denominations too allude to this teaching.

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