Was your faith in Armagedddon connected to current events?

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  • Bobcat

    I used to have the WT view of Armageddon referring to a final battle. And, indirectly, it does. But I have come to appreciate that Armageddon, based on Rev 16:13, 14, 16 refers to a "place" where worldwide forces mobilize against God's people. Megiddo and the surrounding area, as a staging area for foreign armies, would have posed an imminent threat to the ancient nation of Israel.

    Now I take Armageddon as implying a movement against Christianity (as opposed to natural Israel), and thus, for me, "the place called Armageddon" is a symbolic place. It is also possible that the Har in Harmageddon is an allusion to Ezek 38:7-9. (See this thread for additional.)

    In Rev 16:16-21 the gathering of forces to Armageddon (Rev 16:16) prompts a (destructive) response from God (Rev 16:17f; just as it does in Ezek 38:17-23). So, from that standpoint, "Armageddon" could be described as a "battle" since battles are often named by the place where they are fought (e.g. Normandy, Marathon, etc). But more happens at "Armageddon" than just a final battle. (Compare Rev 16:19)

    Vanderhoven's link on page 1 of this thread, although it understands a preterist (1st century) application of Rev 16, it does correctly apply the term Armageddon to a gathering of foreign/enemy forces against those who are viewed as God's people.

    So, back to the question in the thread topic, I now see the approach of Armageddon as being related to a worldwide anti-Christian movement on the part of all governments. Whether it happens in my lifetime or not remains to be seen. And how one nation (such as Russia or China) act towards Christianity is not necessarily indicative that the time has arrived.

    In Rev 16:13-14 the "False Prophet" is one of the leaders in prompting this gathering of forces. I currently understand this to be the US/GB (i.e. Great Britain) so that, a more significant indication of the approach of Armageddon would be the attitude of the US towards Christianity. There are some indications of changes in attitudes in the US towards Christianity even now, but nothing yet of the sort described in Rev 16:13, 14, 16.

    Another factor related to this is that, if the "False Prophet" is portraying the US/GB, then, it would imply that the US is still a predominate nation, able to influence a worldwide gathering of forces. Currently, the US seems to be on the verge of losing that dominate influential position. So, based on what I said just above, one might think that the gathering to Armageddon would not be too far off in the future, that is, if how I currently understand things holds true.

    Of course, such views are subject to change, mine included. But that is how I understand things at the moment.

    As such, other wars, pandemics, food shortages, cries of peace and security, et al, are not related to how close Armageddon is. On the other hand, Rev 9:20-21 which is part of the 6th Trumpet, portrays the majority of mankind as becoming set in their rejection of Christianity. This parallels with the gathering of forces to Armageddon in the 6th bowl (Rev 16:12-16). So the two combined portray a total rejection by the world of real Christianity and a movement to get rid of it. All of this together is what prompts God to react in the 7th Trumpet (Rev 11:15-19) and the 7th bowl (Rev 16:17-21) which essentially describe the same thing (i.e. a time of destructive judgment by God).

  • Vidiot
    Wasandelder Once - "Was your faith in Armageddon connected to current events?"

    To a degree.

    Current events not following Fred Franz's eschatology would occasionally give me pause, however.

    And they added up over time.

  • Phizzy

    I guess I was a naughty boy, from the JW point of view, never following the idea that World Events meant the "End" was close. I worked out as an adult that there was no hurry for the "End" to come very soon after 1914, which at the time I still swallowed, never having scrutinised that total rubbish that ends up in 1914 by some incredible mental gymnastics and total misuse of Scripture.

    I remember in the early 90's a younger Bro saying to me " I reckon Armageddon will be here in the next three or four years", I said in reply " No, Satan has ways of dragging things out, you may be surprised how far away it is". Quite what my thinking was on " Satan's" actions I don't recall, but I without doubt didn't think things were moving swiftly toward Armageddon, whatever the World Events were !

    In fact, I hoped it would NOT come in my lifetime, because I felt that I was probably unworthy of surviving it, that I was a Sinner. Looking back, that was very silly, as that meant that very few JW's I knew would survive, many were far worse sinners than me !

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Sundays talk brought out all the earthquakes since 1914 but ignored all those before. By 2030 the earth will be doomed by global warming. I dont listen real hard so there must have been more proofs.

    The big proof is I am getting old do it better come soon. .

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In terms of the end, Y2K was a sure thing until it came and went and then the twin towers fell a year later...that was 20 years ago.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the “Left” & the JW‘s have one thing in common, they never let a crisis go to waste. Every catastrophe is an opportunity to promote their own “end of the world“ scenario--be it Armageddon or global warming.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I was raised as a witness from one year old. I was born 1952. I was always bombarded with talk and words of armageddon. I remeber the paradise book with the people being swallowed by earthquake. The Jw's brainwashed me that armegeddon was coming and school education was a bad thing. I don't know if that made me have faith in armegeddon but it sure altered my way of thinking. When 1975 came, I felt I was free from that crazy religion, but I did not know how to escape. It took me until 1983 to just stop going and saying no more. Now as I analyze my situation, I find I am catagorized as an atheist. I do believe wackadoodle right wing republican christians could bring about a man made armegeddon. But with TRump stock hitting an all time low, its not a big worry today.

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