The toxic JW Worldview

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  • TD

    Sometimes I forget how small-minded, petty, provincial, mean-spirited ignorant and judgemental it was and still is...

    Then I sit down with a JW relative, hoping to have a normal conversation and realize there is literally nothing to talk about.


    Current events? -Nope. Hobbies? -Nope. Your job? -Nope. Their job? -Nope. Travel? -Nope. Financial planning/strategies? -Nope. Education? -Nope. Art? -Nope. Literature? -Nope. Entertainment? -Nope. Maybe a good book you've read? -Nope.

    --Just venting here - sorry

  • shepherdless

    I get that, completely.

    Sometimes I wonder why they think Jehovah will only save a group of people who contribute so little, often don’t know what is going on in he real world, and often have to depend on Government services just to get by.

  • Overrated

    Since I have been away from such toxic people as JW's. I see more joy and happenings in my life. I say let them soak in their misery. Is Jeehober really going to make it better!?! Waiting for something that will never come.

  • hoser

    A big thing to them is if they are allowed to carry a microphone at the Kingdom Hall or are allowed to auxiliary pioneer in April.

  • truthseekeriam

    Completely get that as well. It’s exhausting trying to find conversations beyond “How bad things are.” How these are signs of how close the end is...Bla bla bla.

    Well, It’s true, things are pretty hard right now, I can also see the importance of trying to make things better however I can, today. Whether it’s wearing a mask, protesting wrongs and making sure I’m registered to vote. I’m getting busy living in the days and moments as they come, instead of waiting and waiting for the end of the world to come and destroy everyone but JW’s.

    Super hard to keep relationships with our JW families with our new views and lives :(

  • Phizzy

    I agree TD, it saddens me that I have nothing to say to them when I meet up with a JW relatives, because they have nothing in their heads ! so conversation is a real pain.

    And yet when I meet up with my real friends who have never been JW's, and some who are XJW's , the conversation flows around all sorts of subjects, Politics, Philosophy, History, Sport, the list is endless, and we talk for hours, or rather we did, before bloody Covid !

    JW's have become grey little Zombie like people, with literally no mind of their own, it is like talking to a Robot.

    Another thing you cannot talk about with them of course, is Celebrations. The Birthdays we enjoy with our non JW family, and of course Christmas, what a wonderful day that is for us ! When it is my Birthday, or my wife's, our kids make the whole day a celebration for us, presents galore, but take us out to wherever we want, and really show their love for us. And of course we do the same for them, wonderful.

    None of this do we dare to mention to our JW family, they would just make a face like a Bulldog licking Piss off a Thistle.

  • BluesBrother

    I hate to be the one who differs , ( not really ) but my experience is that they will talk about anything...... except their faith.

    In tne pre covid times we used to get together with my wife's dubby friends. It was no big problem to me because they would natter on about stuff quite normally.... They would talk about their holidays, their ailments share advice how to use their computers, anything . They did avoid politics, and television, unless it was harmless stuff but I am sure they all had opinions unspoken . My wife might try and inject a note of "sprirituality" into the conversation but it die like a damp squib.

    Perhaps the dubs around your way are more " theocratic "?

  • Overrated

    When my JW brother starts in with the doom and gloom bullshit I ask is there any good things going on in your life? I focus on the good things. We will get thru this covid stuff and all the other bullshit. Stay positive. Act with mindfulness.

  • TD


    I didn't mean to imply that JW relatives refuse to talk. It's that normal attempts at conversation fall flat.

    Current events are spun to fit the JW belief in imminent destruction, Hobbies are a waste of time. Your job is a necessary evil and not for personal growth or fulfillment. Travel is a frivolity unless it's done for "kingdom interests" Financial planning is unnecessary. Education will turn you into one of those smartasses who "say we descended from monkeys." Art is immoral, literature is spiritually lacking, entertainment is worldly, etc., etc., etc.

  • Gorbatchov

    My great irration this year was my jw family in our backyard, talking loud using words "The Watchtower, Jehovah and Jesus" and the most idiot story's.

    I asked please can you level your voice, but the answer was "we have nothing to be ashamed off".

    Then they begon talking louder about the pioneer school, the Zoom meetings and that we are in the end of the end times.

    I asked again, "no believe and no politics in our backyard" and then they began beeing angry "we are free to say what we want".

    So this was the last summer with jw family in our backyard. Most bizar was they did not listen to my request. They did not respect me. This was for the first time. And the last!


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