I want to understand violence

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    I want to understand violence

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    When I was growing up in the 60s, I was one of the victims of bussing, a federal program that took blacks from bad neighborhoods and bussed them into good white schools in the hopes that they would benefit from it. Like all liberal policies it was a disaster. Many of the white kids, including myself, were okay with this. At first. It wasn't long before the white schools, which had been some of the best in the country, became some of the worst. Many of the black kids had slipped back one or two years and were considerably larger and more dangerous in an environment that was run, in their eyes, more like a prison than an institution of learning. Drugs began to be circulated amongst the white students and teachers were beat up in the parking lots and some humiliated by black students in class. It wasn't safe for white students (and some blacks) to go to the restrooms alone.

    And it wasn't safe for female teachers to be alone in classrooms after school. One teacher, a frail and skittish fellow, had no defense from large, aggressive blacks and was frequently assaulted by them. They found him one morning in his classroom closet, hanged with his own tie. It most likely was suicide.

    I had plenty of problems myself and tried to keep on the good side of these monsters and actually brought spare change to school with me, as I had learned it was better to have it and give it than to not have it. One day a goon with a head shaped like a Neanderthal came in late to an English class. Seeing there was no chair at his table, he decided to take mine and merely remove it out from under me. And the female teacher, a young waif, did nothing. I should have just left the room, but at the time I was pissed. And I immediately set out to retrieve my chair. The offending student simply turned and punched me in the chest and sent me flying onto a nearby table and scattering books. The teacher did nothing though I had the breath knocked out of me. To this day I have a lump on my chest from where he hit me. After that I began carrying makeshift weapons to school with me.

    As the drug problem increased, we had at least one narcotics agent posing as a student. It led to a very large drug bust, but only served to further divide blacks and whites. One day a white student had a bad break up with his girlfriend and he was very wrought over it. As he was leaving school a largely harmless black student hit him up for some change. A disagreement ensued and Phillip, the black student, a guy I'd always gotten along with, pulled out a banana knife. In the struggle, the white student took the knife from Phillip and stuck it in his thigh narrowly missing an artery. Phillip managed to make his way to the clinic leaving a substantial blood trail.

    The racial tensions nearly broke the school following the drug bust, and at one point the blacks had largely gathered on one side of the school and the whites on the other, and in between were riot cops all decked out with vests, helmets and weapons. The Black Panthers also showed up to agitate where they could. After about three horrible days of unrest, the white student who'd stabbed Phillip committed suicide in his own home using his dad's shotgun. Then the tide turned and now whites were seeking revenge by assaulting blacks.

    It was years before I could see black in a positive light. I despised them as a race, I carried weapons when I went into black neighborhoods and though I never raised a fist or club against them, I was always prepared. Later, I met some great black people, made them my friends and changed my views, but it took years. In Washington, D.C., I faced down five very large black youths, and it was only because I had an illegal .38Spc revolver on me that my date and I were able to get away. I only had five shots, but my gun was loaded with a lethal specialty ammunition that alone would have sent me to prison. So I'm glad they backed off. I don't carry in D.C. anymore, but I don't park in underground garages anymore at night, either, and the only reason I did so then was because we were attending a play at Arena Stage and we visited one of the actors afterwards. After we left, the place looked like a war zone. Everything was locked up with steel bars. And looking back I'm glad I was armed, but had it not been for the (largely one-way) violence I saw in school during those turbulent times, I most likely never would have become a knife and gun hobbyist as I am now. It definitely affected me for most of my life.

    It also made me a conservative.

  • Absolutesbeginners

    I hate violence .

    And i will fight anyone who is not agree with me !!

  • notalone

    Violence, I know it personally and up close. I know it from the eyes of my father as he would beat us mercilessly with a belt or if handy 2by 4. I knew it when I saw him kill a woman. I saw it in the eyes of others, child molesters, abusers of wives children and animals. There is a difference between a philosophical discussion and know it, living with it, surviving it. There is also a difference between societial and personal.Individuals in a society can learn, can change, but a person who crosses that line and moves into the realm of evil there is nothing left but to stand up to it and not also become evil.. It is seen in the eyes when they harm. There is a distance to their eyes and also pleasure,not happiness a kinds of satisfying of a hunger.Sometimes it is loud like rage, but the worst is quiet and slow and there are no reasons or reasoning. Violence is a tool for evil when it feels weak, when it wants to assert control. It is funny, ironic, that this topic is here now. Right now there is an evil person that is making plans to kill my family. He was just released from the mental hospital and subsequently jail and now he has stated I am next. I have protected my children and pets, blocked my windows and doors, not in fear but in a quiet decision to face what may come. I bought a gun and have made the decision that if I have to face evil I will not be it's victim. So that is violence. Violence is a choice. I hope not all have to face.

  • snare&racket

    The moment animals ate animals 'violence' was born. All want to live, but none want to die......conflict is inevitable. When a thinking living creature survives by consuming/defeating another thinking living creature, for food or to procreate, there is the need for outsmarting snd overpowering another. No animal will subject itself to another without a good reason (some may for complex altruistic calculated reasons in the hope others may for their offspring/genetic releatives) and what is the alternative other than violence? Animals that survive in packs, colonies have developed social constraints as it is .......beneficial for the group and the individual!

    Humans have developed reasoning as it is less risky than boxing, but every Saturday night will prove that we are still primitive!

    Violence is a difficult term to pin down.... is it violent to kill a chicken as we do in the millions ..to make it into a KFC? Is it violent for a lion to take down a gazelle? What about one tribe dominating another for respect in order to dominate that region? What about two tribes ...separated by football shirts?

    As a rule, asking "Why?" with regard to behaviour in humans and animals, the answer comes quite easily when pondering how the mechanism came about and what environmental factors led to that trait evolving.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    @bugbear I am still laughing. :D

  • Chook

    Violence is all about CONTROL. For animals it about protection and meals. For humans it's about self defence, border control, invasion protection, self administration of punishment.I honestly believe it has its place, if someone threatens those I love with lethal force I would not hesitate to return them to their maker in a box.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Well, you say "self defense" but against whom? And "border control" against what? You said "invasion protection" but what of the invader? And punishment of whom?

    For each of these there is a polar opposite. There is self defense against attackers, border patrol against robbers and contraband; invasion protection against armed invaders who seek wealth, control, women and their own security. And punishment against those who are scofflaws or those who are laws unto themselves. So all of these things involve violence on both sides. That's why gun control is undesirable. Good people don't need to have their guns confiscated and bad people won't have their guns confiscated (until it's been misused).

    That guy in Australia who shot a warning shot over the guys who were trying to fire bomb his house. He ended up in as much trouble as the guys who were trying to harm him. In fact, they later let these guys go and the punitive actions were directed against the wrong person, who paid horrendous legal fees. I hate to see this type of thinking making inroads into America.

  • smiddy

    The most violent being I can think of is the GOD of the Bible , and some humans just like to mimic him

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