Link To Meetups With 2,590 Ex-Jehovah's Witness

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  • jnomdeplume@yahoo
    [email protected]

    Friends to see who have been in the same boat.

  • Kenneson

    Thanks. I just became a member.

  • Uzzah

    Considering the interest many fundamentalists have historically shown (including the various incarnations of Jah Christians here) in promoting this site I am suspicious of the 'information gathering' being done.

    I personally will not sign up with them but will support the meet ups if I can. I don't need to sign up in order to associate with people.

    I am not telling people not to sign up but just be cautious and be sure to use an anonymous mail program such as hotmail or yahoo email addy when you do so.



    That meet-up site: unless you post your e-mail in the message section of the meet-up, no one but the moderator/host for the given city, has it.

    The meet-up basically allows people to meet-up with people of similar interests: it's not just ex-JWs, there's Trekkies, Movie Fans etc., but it's true you don't need a 'meet-up' to meet people. That being said, you'd swear that there were maybe less than 10 ex-JWs in the entire Greater Toronto Area.

    I have gone a few times. It's OK. Each city is different from what I have read.

    But if a person is paranoid about meeting up, it won't matter whether you're part of a designated meet-up, or forum, or list-serve, etc., no one is ever going to meet you.

    The trip to Detroit coming up at the end of the month, will be a welcome respite from the city of no ex-JWs.

    The meet-up site, is an OK way to start. If you want anonymity, it's a good start. If anything about it bothers you, then of course, do not sign up/subscribe to it.

    If you aren't comfortable with the people there: leave.

    You can unsubscribe at any time.

    If anyone has signed up for it, I hope you have a positive experience.

  • onacruse

    Kate and I are part of the Portland, Oregon MeetUp group, and we've enjoyed every one. I've been going for the last year, and we've met a couple of dozen folks in our area, many who post here, some who don't.

    That being said, Uzzah's reminder is spot on. If you join MeetUp, don't post any compromising info. If you're concerned about anonymity, then don't sign up at all...simply watch for the location of the next group, and show up unannounced, if you like.


    edit to add: I'm listed as a "host" for Portland MeetUps...simply means that I'm the big ugly guy people look for to know what table we're at. LOL

  • Francois

    I think the advice here to watch to whom you give personal information is very to the point. The WTBTS would most certainly sink to any moral swamp, no matter how deep in order to get the skinny on anyone it could if it thought a person was having social intercourse with an organization designed to jerk the cover off its unchristian behaviors, its hypocrisy, its money grubbing, and its low morality in general.

    Be wise, be wise my friends and harmless as doves, but watch the WTBTS like the snakes they most certainly are.

  • Surreptitious

    Excellent advice from Uzzah, Ona and Francois.

    Recently I added a poster to my Instant Messenger and was shocked/horrified/etc to learn that one of my real email addresses was on there! This allowed this poster to know precisely who I am, where I live, phone numbers, etc. Needless to say I freaked out at first. Since then I've decided to trust her because I believe she's a good person. All's well.

    My point is that one cannot be too cautious. Had I pulled this bone-headed boo boo with anyone less discreet (or God forbid malicious), it would have been curtains for 'ol Syrup.

    By the way, I still can't figure out how to get that email off Instant Messenger. Any pointers?


    Of course, post e-mail personal info on here or any site: you can open yourself up to potential problems.

    The meet-up site, does not give out your e-mail.

    If you're frightened, scared and a closeted JW, don't sign up.

    For those who are afraid of posting their e-mail etc., that's the whole point of it: anonymity. Ugh!

    There are certain people who will rationalize not meeting-up with anyone for any reason, and that's their perogative. You don't want to meet-up: don't.

    The site Meet-Up, caters to many different types of groups: sports groups, religious, movies, hobbies...and the list goes on and on. No e-mail is given out, unless YOU< yup, you post it. And again, you use an e-mail address of your choice to sign-up there, and only the moderator contacts you via the forum, about the next meet-up etc., thus not surrendering your e-mail. Understood? Good.

    Uzzah: what information gathering are you talking about? and how does the factor into it?

    It's true we don't need to sign-up to meet-up with people; but given the track record of particular cities, I can see why people TRY - because the so-called other means to meet people.....funny, don't seem to ever come to fruition.

    Is this now clear, and understandable?

    jah-christain is the red herring here.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    There was a "meetup" here a week last Saturday. there were 12 people there, 10 of whom dont post here.Anyway, Sister Prisca is organizing a BBQ at her place and blending the JW com "apostofest" types up with the 'meetup" people. Of course, us staunch JW com posters will be advertising the merits of the forum and trying to recruit more numbers to the JW com cult. lol

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    the beginning of this month I met the first of the ex-JW Winnipeg clup. Hw is a nice young man whO I hope will join us here soon. Hopefully Nos and I and another friend can all get together in Sept with this young fellow.

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