Running Ahead of the Organization

by Sea Breeze 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tenacious

    The leaders have continually ran ahead of "Jehovah's Chariot."

    How many times? Just count the number of articles in the JW Library under the heading "Beliefs Clarified."

    The governing body wants everyone else to "wait on Jehovah" while they continually leave him in the dust.

    Next time a "belief is clarified" or you speak to a witness mention this little fact and watch their reaction.

  • waton
    I view them as a pack of "wolves" leading the "sheep". If any sheep runs ahead or points out a wrong path then they are bitten and killed [dfd] period.

    benny: make that "points out a right path"., a way out of the mess. Even if you saw the right path, it still would expose the wtorg as second class leaders, Power has to maintained at all cost.

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