How to respond when JW's invite you to the memorial

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  • krismalone

    The yearly rejection of the blood of Christ aka JW memorial is coming soon.

    JW's will be engaging in an invitation campaign. Elders are instructed to personally visit inactive ones or faders. Some sarcastic ideas of how to respond to the memorial invitation that will scare or piss off the cult members:

    01. Thanks for the invitation but for me, I remember the death of Jesus everyday not just once a year.

    02. I feel guilty for rejecting the sacrifice of Jesus all those years by not drinking or eating of the emblems as Jesus said his followers should to have life. Will Jesus forgive me for allowing men to dictate my faith and rejecting him by just passing his body and blood instead of believing what the bible teaches? That's why I have become inactive because I feel I have been a follower of men instead of the Christ and the guilt is really bad. How can you help me? Will I be forgiven?

    03. Thanks for the invite but didn't Jesus say that the memorial of his death would cease to be commemorated when he arrives? If Jesus arrived in 1914 isn't blasphemous to continue to celebrate the memorial? I'm just afraid of offending my lord and savior.

    04. I will be busy that night praying for the victims of child abuse within the Organization. I will also be praying for Gerrit Losch and Geoffrey Jackson for lying to authorities in California and Australia about protecting molesters and not having anything to do with the policies of the WT. You are welcome to join me if you want?

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I like answer #3.

    I just tell anyone who asks : "While I am not Christian, I feel no need to desecrate its holiest rite by deliberately rejecting the body and blood of Christ. Jesus was cool and I will not go out of my way to insult him."

    It won't work, of course, but it's fun to give them a brief glimpse of how crazy their cult looks to the rest of the world.

    Some might see that reply as smart assed of me, but this is how I really feel about the matter. As much as I hate Christianity, Satanism is just silly. Rejecting Jesus and desecrating his emblems is stupid and only proves that the person doing it left Christianity for the wrong reasons.

    But, if you ARE Christian, this would be an excellent opportunity to invite them to a real eucharist. Actions are much more persuasive than arguments. I think if a JW ever had the gonads (or ovaries) to participate in a real mass, they might realize just how joyless and empty their memorial is by comparison.

  • schnell

    Just say "No, thanks" while eating crackers and washing it down with wine.

  • ambersun
    Just say "No, thanks" while eating crackers and washing it down with wine

    Ha ha, love it!

  • Darkknight757

    I tell them, "No thanks. If I wanted to celebrate the Black Mass I'd convert to satanism but then again I don't believe in Satan. Just another good night wasted!"

    I told the elders that the last time they gave us a "love call" and they have left us alone.

  • stillin

    How about, " Let me get this straight. You are going to observe the observance, and you're inviting me to come and observe you observing the observance?"

  • Landy
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I was just very non committal when hassled by the COBE and wife the 1st year or 2 out, in other words I would not be cornered into saying yes or no about it then as I didnt want to fast track myself to DF.

    I have been left alone for the past few years but if there is a push in my direction and as a young elder from my old hall has moved in near me it's a possibility and may get it in his thick head i am worth harassing over it, my answer will be clear this time around not to bother asking me again as I dont believe in any bible nonsense at all.

  • WTWizard

    Pull out a Ouija board and tell them that, if you are going to reject Jesus, you are going all the way. And tell them that Jesus is false (and fictitious), and that even if it was true and real, it would have been nothing but scum. At least this would be a blatant rejection of Jesus, not pretending to accept that thing.

    To me, pretending to be accepting something is worse than a frontal denial. I do not even believe in Jesus as a savior, and I am upfront in my denial of that thing. I do not need to go waste the evening passing a plate of stale crackers and a glass of spoiled grape juice to replicate a sacrifice that was intended to enslave the whole human race.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Just say no. I have no desire to go observe anything at any Jehovah's Witness event, it only validates their made up shit.

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