How superstitious are you?

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  • Odrade

    I do believe to an extent in Karma--what goes around comes around, good or bad. I don't, however, think that makes me:

    stupid and ignorant, I don't understand the world around me or the relation between cause and effect and I fear imaginary beings

    I do tend to think that life and its energies are interrelated in ways we do not always understand, or are not easily explained. Black cats and umbrellas in the house? No. Cosmic good or bad days? Perhaps.


  • maxwell

    No I'm not superstitious. I didn't believe I was superstitious when I was a JW. But, in my opinion, the belief that praying to god for something causes it to happen is similar to the belief that performing some ritual such as carrying a rabbit's foot will bring one good luck. Even when I was a Witness, I used to get a sort of strange feeling when people said that Jehovah provided me with this or that. For example, a person is in need of food. They way some experiences would go, a person would only have to pray for it and it fell into their lap. No mention of the practical work and money someone expended to get food.

    Now that I am no longer a Witness, I have no objection to participating in other people's harmless good luck rituals if they feel strongly about them. For example, before, I would never have thrown salt, or said good luck, or participated in the prayers of other religions. Now, although I don't believe in any of those things myself, I have no objection to throwing the salt, or holding hands in the prayer circle if it will make my associates feel better. And I have no reservations about saying good luck.

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