Governing Body; Villians or just Deluded?

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  • pontoon

    Something that for me discredits the sincerity of the GB is for the most part they are not on the front lines of the preaching activity. Not enduring hardship like some witnesses around the world are, not in Russia supporting brothers under ban, not working in third and forth world countries where just their presense would spark the work and encourage the brothers, not witnessing 150 hours a month like my sister and brother used to do, not making do with wore out cars and frugal living condidtions. No.....they all have easy lives, new cars with drivers if they want, medical, full bellies, expensive new facilities, no expence spared, and dozens of young brothers dying to be a helper to the GB and do their whatever work they are assigned. Where is the self sacraficing life?

  • Rocketman123

    Where is the self sacrificing life?

    Good point pontoon

    Now days its like the GB men are acting like true Corporate business executives for the JWorg.

    Money and the cultivation of money has taken a greater front place of attention now days.

    They are truly playing with the billions they got from selling the WTS's proprieties in Brooklyn New York advantageously as possible for themselves and the Org..

  • Vidiot

    Like I keep saying...

    ...they know it's wrong... but believe it's true... at the same time.

  • Phizzy

    " Like I keep saying...

    ...they know it's wrong... but believe it's true... at the same time"

    I agree thoroughly Vid. They have all come up through the Ranks, and had no opportunity to possibly actually wake up. But, in my many years in the Org. I touched upon the higher Echelons from time to time, and became aware that all those who were " up there" had to some degree become aware of the fact that some of it at least was bullshit, but at the same time they were aware that it was necessary to keep up the fa├žade, the false front, so that the Rank and File JW's did not start to realise there WAS an element of Bullshit.

    Cognitive Dissonance 101. So, you are right, they realise that much of it is wrong, but believe it is in the interests of believers to continue to pretend. They actually think they are serving the " God of Truth " with this scam. Again, Cognitive dissonance 101.

  • Rocketman123

    They are well aware how the Org was built around which is obviously fear, lies, pretentiousness and ignorance and they are well aware what the Org personally does for them and its not just money .

    Therefore they are strategically avowed to keep up this illusion if not for the body of followers but for their own sake.

  • Rocketman123

    One thing we all can learn from the WTS/JWS is that you dont have to be smart, well educated or particularly honest when starting a religoius organization.

    Just use the bible as your backing source (God's word) quote erroneous scriptures and people will follow and support your interpretive propagations willingly without scrutiny..

    It becomes a quite irony that this so called Jehovah's organization was comprised and built upon false doctrines of sin and apostasy.

  • FFGhost

    If you live in a bubble (aka Bethel), and no one ever provides you with information from a different perspective, and if anyone contradicting "the truth" is at best "disloyal" and at worst an "apostate"....

    It is in fact quite easy to believe your own delusions.

    And, in the case where somehow something does get through that provides evidence that it's all horse-puckey:

    -- "where else would we go"

    -- "if I rock the boat, I'll get expelled from Bethel and DF'ed. I'm [60+] years old with no practical work experience or skills, no savings, no retirement fund. My life quite literally depends on me never getting DF'ed. So..."

  • notsurewheretogo

    They believe 100% their own BS.

    They are Captives to a Concept...great book by Don Cameron explains it all.

  • silentbuddha

    They believe what they espouse and they are truly no different than most other people who become religious zealots for one reason or another. Some of them are very haughty and strike me as the CEO types and they have that same personality.

    I will never forget when I was at Bethel and it was the day that the "apostates" protested outside yelling etc...

    Brother Sydlik previously had been harrassed on the street by them the previous year. It was time for lunch and the street was lined with folks with signs screaming etc and a few of us new boys asked Sydlik if we can walk with him from 124 to the Factory where he was going to eat. He says, "I'll be fine guys. If someone attacks me or tries to hurt me, I hope they finish the job because my body is weary, and I want to go home to my father..."

    The man believed what he was saying. They really think they are going to heaven, just like every other religious person I know, he just thinks he has a special spot.

  • punkofnice
    Governing Body; Villains or just Deluded?

    When someone gets to where they are; how can they not know it's all a con?

    I think that they start off deluded but unless they're extremely mentally retarded, the truth of it all must become obvious.

    I give them no excuse. They are utter filth.

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