Governing Body; Villians or just Deluded?

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  • pistolpete

    Are you sometimes dumbfounded at the direction the Governing Body takes?

    Thousands of Documents proving 607 BCE is wrong, yet the GB sticks to the date, Why?

    The Generation that would not die, yet they continue by introducing an Overlapping generation.

    Disfellowshipping at a time when everyone is leaving, not a good idea, yet they continue to disfellowship.

    Here is a video that addresses these questions.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the majority are just delusional. Or at least they start out that way.

    Why do I say that? I'm basing it on how I felt as an elder. I really believed it was The Troof. I'm actually a pretty bright guy. Pretty successful in life despite being hampered by following the JW rules against education, etc. I knew there were "problems" with some of the doctrine/dogma, but I really, really thought the basic things were solid. Of course, I'm more from the Franz/Knorr generation of JWism. Freddy Franz was a wizard. He was magic. Without any doubt, he was a very gifted man. But not a savvy businessman that Knorr was. Freddy dreamed it all up and Knorr sold it.

    The shit they peddle today is........well........shit. How can ANYONE (with any reasonable sense) buy into the overlapping generation BS?It should be obvious to everyone that it's just a "Band-Aid" to try to stop the hemorrhaging that was happening when many began to figure out that the old doctrines had "expired". They had to replace the "1914 generation" with something. Sadly, the overlap was evidently the best thing these bumbling idiots could conceive.

    Still there MUST be some "at the top" who know all the dirty secrets, ie, the twisted quotes and false information put into publications like the Creator Book and the Trinity Brochure. When you have to twist and lie to peddle your shit, then you know it's a lie. Perhaps those are just so deep in the Borg that they cannot do anything else? Perhaps they fear it all falling apart and where would they be? Old. Broke. Uneducated. And, without any marketable skills. So they just keep pushing the BS that they know is BS because their future depends on it.

    I believe the delusional ones are just praying that Joe Hoover bails them out real soon. They pray every day and night that Armageddon come tomorrow just to prove them right.

  • Rocketman123

    They certainly are not delusional about their lofty position they have within organization.

    They probably are reminded of that when the get to travel around the world at the WTS's expense and get greeted like celebrities.

    Aww... Jehovah really works wonders

  • joe134cd

    That’s an interesting way of putting it. “ Freddie dreamt it up and Nathan sold it to the world”. When those two died so did the religion they created.

  • oppostate
    Governing Body; Villains or just Deluded?

    I'd say "Deluded Villains".

  • asp59

    Think deluded. They bought the idea. Spend their whole life in it. Now they know so much is wrong but not much to do. Year's have gone by. What they gonna do if they resign from governing body with out education or pension. Go to congregation for help? How they gonna explain to congregation they left there position cause teachings are wrong. Religion a racket and a SNARE

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    what i dont "get"--is when i was in--as a teenager till 23--i never remembered a governing body..just knorr.. There were a few familiar names...mostly forgotten. Other names ive only read about on here in recent years--Swingle for instance. But back in the 60s--no governing body names.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    i never remembered a governing body..just knorr.

    That's because when we young there wasn't a GB. The organisation was run by Knorr, Franz and a Board of Directors. The GB as we know it came in 1971 I think.

    There was a WT a few years back that showed a photograph of "the governing body mid 1950's". Trying to rewrite history, that same photograph is in the "Proclaimers" book as "board of directors mid 1950's". In the WT caption it is noticeable they did not capitalise governing body! Very sneaky that.


  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I'm not sure all are deluded. Take Anthony Morris II he has a life story in the WT were he plainly expressed hope ion the paradise earth.,... uh aren't you anointed?

    Mark Sanderson held up a replica of the Isaiah Scroll when talking about the Revised New World Translation. There are three marks on the Isaiah Scrolls indicating the disunity of the book of Isaiah.

    Geoffroy Jackson said he couldn't talk a to Jesus. He also said the governing body were 'trying to fulfill the role of the faithful and discreet slave' and to assume they were the only ones would be presumptuous.

    Sorry these guys are all power hungry or self-deluded.

  • Overrated

    A bunch of delusional idiots.

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