Why the vitriolic hate?

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  • stuckinarut2

    I am sure we have all thought of this before, but it struck me again today:

    WHY does the society promote such vitriolic hate toward, and about those who have left "The Truth" ?

    Surely it is obvious that such critical attitudes towards ones like us who have left, only serves to PROOVE that they do not have "The Truth"?

    If they are so sure they have the truth, there should be NO NEED for negative portrayals of those who have left. There should be no need to speak badly or critically of those who have chosen to fade or leave outright!

    The "Truth" should stand on its own, and should require no fueling of vitriolic hate.


  • Chook

    They mastered the judicial arrangement, closed courts with petty crimes and outcomes that destroy generations of relatives. Hate is a large word but considering the blood on the GBs hands I think someone that sits at the Warwick throne shall take the title.

    They sold a pretty good story with those paradise pictures, the true nature of this realestate company is open for all to see , sometimes 5 Congs share a hall because of travelling further, the gb can cherry pic any high end realestate and add to their gravy supply.

  • freddo

    Like a rejected controlling spouse they hate the fact that you are free and that you could be an example to help free other family members from their grasp.

  • sparrowdown

    Standard practise with cults is to demonize defectors. Anyone or anything outside the compound is bad and anyone who escapes the compound is worse - a traitor, a vile defector that has to be demonized in order to discourage others from questioning the leaders and the rules.

  • Xanthippe

    If they allowed our families and friends to treat us normally how long would it take for them to realise we haven't gone to the Devil and what we say makes a lot of sense.

  • punkofnice

    Good questions, Stucky.

    When I was a Jobo, it was the hatred that deep down, disturbed me. However, owing to the Jobos calling it 'righteous indignation(tm)', like what Jar-Hoover has, I accepted it must be okay.

    Propaganda and brainwashing really works.

    The 7 pervert lovers in Warwick want to prevent their brainwashed masses from finding out TTATT.

    I hope something really nasty and unfortunate happens to the GB. (Did you spot the Ironic ending here?)

  • smiddy

    I agree with all the above "thoughts" plus they dont want anybody interfering with their cash cow.

  • pale.emperor

    It's the sign of a true narcissist to paint others in a bad light for simply not agreeing with them AND not allow you to speak to them "just accept our word for it, they're bad". Even when i was "in" i thought it bad that we cant speak to non JWs. I mean, didnt Jesus speak to tax collectors, sinners and Samaritans?

    An ex elder i wrote about on here months ago who woken up and left is being shunned by his whole family. He's an ex Bethelite, same age as me, was well "loved" in the congregation. Funny thing is, he still believes in YHWH, still goes to a church, still lives the same clean lifestyle and does a lot for children's charities - yet he's worthy of being shunned because he left the JWs. My own sister spreads stories about him which are exaggerated and half truths.

    Im just thankful i woke up, and that you all did too. More will wake up throughout our lifetimes, it'll be interesting to see who. It's never the ones you think.

  • steve2

    If a high control organization expressed neutrality or understanding towards those who have left its ranks, it would be willingly relinquishing control of those who remain who would be free to mingle with those who have left.

    The risk is the "contagion" of reduced control would spread inside its ranks. Then the high-control organization would lose more and more control and power as time passes. This is the fate of high-control groups that over time have been reduced to shells of their former selves. Think Roman Catholicism which once ruled Christendom with an iron fist and meted out swift reprisals against independent thinkers.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    From an anthropological viewpoint I would say that the sole validation of a paranoid belief which is held collectively, (as with JW org) is the number of believers. Enough believers gives credibility to both insiders and outsiders. To insiders it is a confirmation of divine attention, and large numbers give the organisation a superficial respectability to the general public.

    I think that the reversal of numbers will signal to the remaining ones on the inside that the magic has gone from the religion, this notion could be contagious! If enough sheep leave many more will follow them, the JW religion after all is just about appearances; witnesses only do what they see their brothers and sisters doing. Starting as a trickle departing numbers could become a cascade eventually leaving only the most unquestioning devotees back in the forlorn KHs. Enough leavers would spell the end for JWs-- hence recent and desperate emphasis at assemblies on being loyal and staying in the org.

    Of course The gb are all about control, they tell what to talk about and what to believe in through their propaganda on TV and in the Watchtower. It is said that the worst enemy of a cult is heresy, just look at Paul's hateful rantings against people who disagreed with him and his rules in the first century and this is because Christianity was always a superstitious and contentious cult until Rome created its own version and gave it sanction of orthodoxy.

    So the JW org praises its slaves and hates the leavers due to the visible evidence of their symbolic declaration that the Watchtower is wrong. Numbers of believers are the key factor in cult strength.

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