A conversation with my dad

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    So... You came out as gay when you were 19 and they kicked you out?

    They don't consider that abusive... wow.

    Maybe show them some of the facts, science and statistics of homosexuality. I know facts don't mean much to these people but you could poke holes in their JW ideology and "facts"

  • dubstepped
    So many heartbreaking stories of abusive behavior from that cult. F-*-C-K them and their arrogant dehumanizing ways. They are all abusive and they hope that even if you leave them you will live miserable lives in the shadow of shame that they project. Pisses me off.
  • ssn587
    Abuse is a trademark of jehovah witnesses, I over my time with them had been asked to come to the back room told them every time I am not here to teach you. That always seemed to end the matter.
  • jambon1

    Tell your dad that around 99.9% of parents the world over would rather saw off a limb than shin their children.

    No matter how you word it, your dad is displaying a 'love' that isn't true parental love. His mind is so far removed from reality that he actually believes that it's the right thing to do when the entire rest of humanity thinks it abusive, barbaric and belonging to the Middle Ages.

    I've often wondered how people put this situation to others who aren't witnesses. If I knew someone who carried out shunning toward their child I'd lose all respect for them.

    Strange, strange behaviour.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    You could ask your dad what he would thinks/feels when a JW bible student is 'persecuted' by his friends and family.

    What does he feel when a bible students friends and family decide to never talk to him again because he is studying with JW...does he see the parallel?

  • Daniel1555

    You are courageous and brave. It is the right thing to live a good life according to your conscience.

    It is very tough and unfair to be shunned by parents. I am df'd but my parents treat me the same as before, because they don't approve of the shunning teaching.

    Of course you can defend yourself and try to show your family how bad the shunning is. But please do that with Love and not sarcastically. If you do it with love, it will heap firy coals on them to use Jesus words. It's also good to ask if Jesus would shun anyone.

    Show them that you respect their belief but also that you like them to respect your agnosticism. Maybe don't argue with them about their faith. Chances might be good that they could change their views too.

    If they attack you about why you left, you could just say that also are disillusioned because of the australian royal commission case. Don't explain everything... they have to research it for themselves.

    I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in your life without the harmful wt influence.

  • KateWild

    I am so sorry you are being shunned because you're gay. For three years to be alone from 19-22 is so wrong. You should have family support at this age and help making life decisions.

    I hope your dad continues to contact you and perhaps he may even change and welcome you properly

    Kate xx

  • helpmeout

    Shunning is emotional blackmail. There is no other way around it. It is not scriptural. Men have twisted scripture to make a system to control others. Would a God of love really intend to introduce this much misery into the lives people? This one teaching alone convinces me that jw's are not God's voice to humanity. Unfortunately, for those of us who are born in or long time members, the trap has been set and it is not an easy thing to extricate oneself. I have a wife and 16 year old daughter. My wife struggles with the idea that this is not the "TRUTH". My daughter has flat out rejected the cult. My wife and I can see that she is blossoming as a normal young woman with her caring friends who give her unconditional love and support.

    Your father may one day come to the realization that he is in a mind controlled cult. In the meantime, live your life as best you can. Try to avoid bitterness that will not help you or your trapped family. A happy life, well lived, is the best way to combat the abusive behaviour of this mind numbing, manmade system of control.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Its just sickening how this cult claims it is not abusive when it does just that, abuse!!!

    Just because someone chooses a walk of life, it is their choice for doing so and should be respected for it. Not abused like being Dfd and shunned.

    High Control Group.

  • brandnew

    @magotan, whoa....dude....check this out......live life to the fullest, and be happy. Jw's hate happy exjw's 😂😂

    They cant stand the fact that we dont go to meetings, and be happy!!!!! Damnit shouldnt jehovah be punishing us?????

    Be happy, and show it!!! Love life, and live it.

    Mad puppy

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