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  • dantoole87

    I believe that I have a good cause to sue the organization. But I know that they have crafted themselves a legal loophole infinite loop. So I was thinking that I should just sue the congregation that I know fucked me over. It wouldn't be for money. It would be for pride. If I sue just that congregation where my cards are held, then I can probably get access to my files right? I believe in the statement. These cults ruin lives, and this particular one destroyed a beautiful life story due to their hubris. My most optimistic outlook tells me that it will finally shed a light on how the Watchtower Org destroys lives. And Maybe we can finally make their self-fulfilling prophecy come true? Peace, not war people...

  • LostGeneration

    Sue them for what?

    Are you in the USA or elsewhere?

  • scratchme1010

    Not only what LostGeneration asked, but also, I'd suggest to get legal counsel to see if what you have in mind is actionable. Nothing worse than suing and losing over not having a legal base for a lawsuit.

  • darkspilver

    LostGeneration: Sue them for what? Are you in the USA or elsewhere?

    FWIW there's his 4,500 word introduction here:

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I don't know. Leaving the cult is a grieving process and anger is one of the stages.

    If you want your card you could get legal help to get it without suing anyone. A law suit will not concern the 7 dwarves one iota but just cause you added anger and anxiety.

    We are of no consequence to the machine. Better to make a speedy recovery and live a happy life and give no more of your precious time to them.

    That's just my opinion.

  • zeb

    Call '60 minutes'..

    If a lawyer took on your case it would be for your $$.

    The case would not see any victory for you but a huge amount of distress take a look at the ARC and see how the wt reps conducted themselves there.

    As others have said the best 'revenge' is to live a normal productive life.

    Be kind to yourself, perform random acts of kindness, take up a productive hobby, enjoy a regular exercise walking, swimming gym whatever routine and some where in this road to healing seek counselling with a counsellor who is experienced with cults.

    Live long and prosper in peace.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Are you extraordinarily rich that you say you are not suing for money but pride? Going to Court takes all kinds of money before you finally see a Judge.

    If you start with one Lawyer but don't think he will represent you correctly, you have to fire him and start with a new one. The new Lawyer needs time to get back up to speed with your case. That all takes time, energy and money. Do you have deep pockets because your pride was hurt, badly?

    Are you wanting revenge? Most of us have been hurt but found our life is more precious to live without WT in it, so we turn our backs on these hurtful people and strive to live a good, long and stressfree life away from the Borg,

    Want revenge? Stay healthy. Eat right. Go to the gym. Don't eat or drink your sorrow away. In a few years when you bump into any Jdubs you know... they will still be waiting for this impossible dream of WT/ to come, which it never will. They can't help but look stressed out. You on the other hand, woke up and are in charge of your own life now.

    Wouldn't you rather spend what little time each of us really has on this planet, doing something enjoyable even fun, than stressed out with a Court case?

    What can you put your time, money and effort into that would make you happy? Today, next week, next year? What our your short term goals? Long term goals?

    PS Someone did sue WT over a sex abuse problem, and won BUT they stated that they didn't do it for money, so even though they won, they were awarded no monetary benefits because they stated they wanted none... So, the Judge gave them none. They were out of pocket having to pay their own Lawyer and Court costs, themselves.

  • smiddy3

    So what exactly would you be suing the congregation for ? You say you were brought up in the religion ,however you stayed their and apparently believed it for a time and now you feel you have been lied to and want to sue the congregation ? is that it ?

    Join the queue there are over 40,000 different christian sects with millions of people who have left dissatisfied with their chosen religion for one reason or another .

    Do you honestly think the courts would listen to you or any of them with a complaint ? as to how they were treated ?

    By the way dantoole87 welcome to the board and please do not take offence at any critics you can learn a lot by hanging out here.

  • LisaRose

    It would take a good amount of money to pursue a lawsuit, plus possibly years of your time and energy. Is it really worth it for your pride? Why not take that time, energy and money and use it to improve your life and heal and move on from this instead? Being bitter is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

  • steve2

    If a religious organization is sued too many times it is called a suenami.

    If you think you can sue a religious organization and use the ‘strategy’ outlined in the OP, it is called something else again - and it’s not nice.

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