What is it going to take for her to wake up? 2016 convention was the biggest display of B.I.T.E

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  • pale.emperor

    Im going this weekend. Im only going because my ex-wife is taking my 2yo daughter and i want to see her as much as i can. Already seen all the videos thats to Cedars on YouTube with his great commentary.

    Hope the wifi is working. I do some of my best apostate studys on apostate sites using JW wifi.

  • LaurenM

    So my parents shun my two other siblings because they no longer want to be JWs. The only time my Dad ever talks to me is when he's spouting JW nonsense to try to "save me". Basically, they love the concept of living forever more than they love any of their kids. Some parents give their lives for their children's. Not JWs they rather chase the vague concept of life in the new system than have any relationship with their only "non believing" children...sickening really

  • Vidiot

    goingthruthemotions - "What is it going to take for her to wake up?"

    Something that burns her personally.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

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