How a rumor of assassination spooked the Watchtower

by Terry 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • HiddlesWife

    Terry and LongHairGirl--> WT is making sure that they possess properties--beautiful/modern minimalist the world over. As a matter of fact, ExJW ANALYZER made a video--which to me/IMPO, is a mindblower of all sorts--about the plethora of houses, mini McMansions, etc., the GB, their Helpers, and other close cohorts can reside in whenever they choose to, as shown below:

    It's a damn shame that the H8teful Eight have access to the above and the R&F (PIMI, PIMO, POMO, IR, Bible Studies, etc.) cannot.

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "...sell-off the piggy-bank buildings and convert to more remote properties and locations."

    According to research done by the Canadian government, one of the first red flags that a fringe group is turning extremist is withdrawal from an urban to a rural setting, particularly in the face of social embarrassment or legal troubles.

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