Loyalty - Part of the New Personality (S-341a-18-E 5/17)

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz
    "Loyalty to Jehovah can be tested when a friend gets involved in wrongdoing that needs to be
    brought to the attention of the elders
    Never allow misguided loyalty to a friend to overshadow your loyalty to Jehovah
    Approach that friend, and urge him to report the matter to his parents or to the elders; tell him
    that if he does not do so within a reasonable period of time, you will (Pr 27:5; w91 6/15 21)"

    Interestingly, they stopped using the scripture they used to show to justify the "rat principle" Lev 5:1. In the 84' NT said

    ‘Now in case a soul+ sins in that he has heard public cursing*+ and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it, if he does not report+ it, then he must answer for his error.

    By this they said that it means if whenever we get to know about a sin (heard public cursing) we should report.

    However, in the 13' version this verse says:

    If someone* sins because he has heard a public call to testify*+ and he is a witness or has seen or learned about it and he does not report it, then he will answer for his error.

    They actually made an improvement in this translation. It's clear now that the responsability to report the sin falls only on the person requested to do it by the authority about a specific sin he/she may know.

    When I saw that I said, wow, if they changed that it's signal they are willing to change the "rat policy".

    As this speech shows, I was wrong. This time they just ignore the scripture they used so much just because now this scripture doesn't fit with the "truth".

  • BluesBrother

    Misplaced loyalty has been the cause of so much suffering in the world. Yes, we should be loyal to what is true, righr and decent.. But can any organization expect or demand loyalty always , in all things no matter what?

    If we are to do so, we are the same as Nationalists who claim" my country, right or wrong!"

    As has been said, they are good now at blurring the line between them and God. If a loyal dub criticizes some feature of what they do, they are accused of criticising Jehovah's way of doing things, This has happened to friends of mine.

    Like in "Animal Farm", they want the sheep to just bleat the party message.

  • JW_Rogue
    "Love for Jehovah should never be separated from the personal attachment that a couple have for each other (Mt 22:37)"

    What it means is that they want you to equate love for Jehovah (WT Org) with love between a couple. Basically if someone slows down spiritually, that must mean there is a problem in the couples relationship. It's ridiculous but lots of JW women buy into it, thinking a successful marriage is a product of love for God.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Loyalty or else!!

  • Moster

    The truth is they want loyalty to the Org - not to God


    "Love for Jehovah should never be separated from the personal attachment that a couple have for each other (Mt 22:37)"

    Thanks WatchTower Assh*les!

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  • nelim

    Hmm very devious this. Translating the bible questionably, because everyone else uses "holiness" in Ephesians 4:24. But WT chooses "loyalty". Although this verse does not even claim loyalty is part of the new personality, WT spins it to mean be loyal to the GB & the elders.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    "Sadly, some marriage mates allow themselves to become emotionally distant from each other, and this can lead to betrayal and adultery. Some may excuse their immoral course by calling it a midlife crisis; in reality, it is disloyalty to God and to one's mate, treachery, a midlife betrayal!"

    Sounds like a lot of older JW marriages are on the 'rocks' so to speak. Just the use of the following words is very telling: emotionally distant, betrayal and adultery, immoral course and midlife crisis!

    I wonder how many Circuit Overseer marriage mates and Elder marriage mates are tired and disgusted with one another! For the most part they are the age group that are having to deal with midlife crisis. Thanks to WT's meddling in sex and marriage matters over the years, most of these marriages don't know what a real roll-in-the-hay is like!

    Quite possibly older JW marriages are another audience WT is wanting to target with the convention theme...'Don't Give Up'!

  • jp1692

    This particular part of the outline is especially of concern for me:

    • "Loyalty to family should never be greater than loyalty to Jehovah"

    Directions like that erode a persons sense of autonomy and locus of control resulting in learned helplessness. It clearly redefines what should be appropriate family boundaries, obliterating the natural ones and replacing them with the group.

    When we understand how the religion deliberately and relentlessly conflated the organization with Jehovah it becomes clear why people that have become indoctrinated by ideas/beliefs such as this will betray family members in a misguided sense of "loyalty to the organization."

    It's no different really then how the Hitler Youth would get children to turn on their parents.

  • stuckinarut2

    jP1692: It's no different really then how the Hitler Youth would get children to turn on their parents.

    Well said sir!

    Excellent comparison

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