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  • be wise
    be wise

    Hi everyone,

    The elders have received my DA letter. I was going to post it but they didn’t have a mail box so I decided to hand it in personally.

    I headed off to the KH after the meeting had started. I was kind of looking forward to seeing the old congregation I was in as I was very interested in experiencing this environment from an outside perspective. It was a very short experience though – only lasted about thirty seconds – I didn’t even get in the KH.

    As I walked to the kingdom hall I saw two or three attendants outside. I got to the Kingdom hall gate but it was locked.

    I thought the kingdom hall was supposed to be open to the public – isn’t that who it’s for? (Oh no –I remember now – it’s a cult)

    Anyway, I looked up at the Kingdom hall entrance and an attendant (a tall, well built feller) caught sight of me, he looked completely shocked and really panicky as I fiddled with the gate. I smiled at him and I heard the other attendant, who I know shout to me to come though the car park entrance.

    I went up to him and it was the weirdest thing ever because he didn’t say hello or how are you or anything. He just started saying that they didn’t have a key for the gate or something. I said hello, are you all right?

    He turned around to walk with me thinking I was just going to stroll in there like a good little lost sheep or something. He spoke as if I’d just seen him yesterday – no catching up chat or normal behaviour (actually nothing what-so-ever) – no eye contact. I then got my letter out of my bag and handed it to him and said can you give this to one of the elders? – it’s important. As soon as I handed him the letter he just turned around and walked away and that was that. By the way, this attendant is a ‘JW family’ relative of mine. How sad!

    It suddenly hit me that nothing had changed. I saw a guy in the car park who I knew all them years ago – facial expression and body language exactly the same – giving me the same tired smile he always gave everyone (no offence to the guy – he’s a decent bloke), but it was if I was suddenly stuck in a time warp, very strange because I got a reminder of some of the old feelings that I had forgotten about – my memory of it all suddenly came back but it was all so predictable (and a bit eerie I might add).

    I was expecting change to be honest. You know you hear of all this so-called change and progress from JW’s and their literature, the organisation is changing (blah, blah), but I realised it was exactly the same thing it always used to be. Don’t know if anyone else felt this way?

    When I came away it suddenly dawned on me that I was so glad I’d escaped from this small-minded little depressing world. I just felt so relieved that I had got out!

    I suddenly realised how much I’d gained - in my mind and in my life, since I left.

    But it was also very shocking because you realise the little of it they actually have in their lives.

    I just hope they get on with the DAing and don’t try to complicate things because I have washed my hands of them now and to be honest I’m tired of it all – all the letters and explanations I’ve made and the typical small minded reactions I’ve received (there’s only so much of this anyone can take).

    Again, big thanks to everyone who posts on the board, especially Simon and Angharad and everyone else who’s involved in making this work.

    be wise.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Sorry about the spacing - don't know why that happens sometimes

  • Elsewhere

    Congrats on being free!

    the organisation is changing

    I noticed that a lot of JWs proudly say this in defence of the organization... I wonder if they realize that it's an admition of guilt?

  • Maverick

    Be-wise, your are on your way to a whole new life. Never look back. These people have no power over you. Give them nothing! Wise you the best! Maverick

  • Special K
    Special K

    Stand tall.. walk forward..and be free...

    I am happy for you.

    Looks like you did it!!!

    You may now have the keys and drive your own "PATHFINDER".

    you have taken back control of the wheel.... and now ...nobody steers but you

    Good for you

    Special K


    Hello Be Wise, thanks for the update. Good for you!

    Here's a link to iiz2cool's DA Letter he wrote. It was exceptionally well written, and the link is here via the forum:


    I wish you well, and of course you know, you're not alone here at all.

    You're amongst friends.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Good for you be wise! You do feel a weight off your shoulders don't you?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • onacruse

    ((be wise))

    A very hard step indeed, my friend, and kudos to you for having the courage.

    Lean on the friends we've talked about...they're top blokes,and they'll be there for you, as will we all.


  • shamus

    You're free! Congradulations!!!!


  • gumby
    As I walked to the kingdom hall I saw two or three attendants outside. I got to the Kingdom hall gate but it was locked.

    Say what?

    They have gates on some halls now? I assume this is for after hours in which the entire premises are locked.

    Glad you still see the "love" that exist there so you won't be tempted to ever return.

    Thanks for sharing.


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