International convention in Poland

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  • FadeToBlack

    Get ready for the big time! My wife has already been to several special training sessions this year in preparation for the big event. Several Saturday sessions at the Assembly hall in Warsaw. When I dropped her off I thought it was a regular convention there were so many volunteers there for training. She will be embedded with a group of 90 Russians. As in, staying at the hotel with them.

    She showed me pics from Fb/Whatsup of stuff they are making for delegates. For the 'sisters' some kind of necklace in native motif. There are apparently 60 sisters working on this. Earings are possible if they have time! Guys are going to get custom bow ties. They are going all out on this.

    I think we even have someone from the US staying with us during that time - early August. Time to start laying in adequate quantities of single-malt scotch.

  • tiki

    Seriously? Ethnic accessories? Why?

  • overlappingwokemeup

    I attended the one in Katowice in 2006. I really enjoyed Poland...too bad I was in a cult and couldn't enjoy it

  • Spiral

    This is the new thing, something about bringing a bag of small gifts and cards to give around at the international convention.

    You know, not such a bad thing, too bad we all couldn't have been doing that years ago at assemblies. The extra human contact would have been really nice.

    Now it's all about paying to go to an international convention and being "approved" to go. So, controlling "pecking-order" politics at work, plus you have to have the $$$ to pay for the trip. And bring lots of gifts to give out!

    Not a bad thing in itself, but yes, F2B, you'll need that scotch!

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Polish women are hot.

  • Finkelstein

    My wife has already been to several special training sessions this year in preparation for the big event.

    You mean blind sided brainwashing done by corrupt, lying and exploitative religious charlatans running the WTS/JWorg dont you ?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Time to get some activism planned my friend,great opportunity.


  • FadeToBlack

    @Zing: There is a large, active, apostate army here in Poland. I might visit the convention site one day just to see them in action and introduce myself. Sometime back there were pictures posted here of them outside Polish Bethel handing out literature.

    @joey: got that right!. Unfortunately, with the influx of western corporatism (KFC, Pepsi, etc) the younger generation is getting large. Very sad to see. Big difference from when I first came here.

    @Fink: yes I should have put 'special training sessions' in quotes are included the /s tag.

  • dozy

    The huge time , effort & expense spent on these international conventions with all the preparations and the lavish "entertainment night" productions astonishes me - when I was a JW , we were severely admonished by the CO for spending a few nights preparing a drama for a kids congregation get together - "wasted time that should have been spent on theocratic matters" were his exact words.

    Times have changed so much - I just don't recognise the Org these days.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I was approved as a delegate for an international convention once. We were billeted to a sister's house. She was elderly and a lovely woman.

    We all paid for the privilege of not only attending the convention but also touring the country in a coach full of JWs for a week.

    I remember one young man had paid good money for twin share accommodation only to be forced to sleep on the floor in the hotels as the CO on the tour took his bed. The CO had not paid for his trip at all of course. I remember even then being PIMI, being very cross when I found out.

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