As Biden Struggles, Hillary Waits For The call

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  • LV101

    Link doesn't work - don't bother to resend unless others are interested. I can't get the visions of the Minnesota case out of my head or the fact all the police are killed on a regular basis. Police are in great danger and apparently more than police need to be ordered to wear body cams.

  • Finkelstein

    I think Hillary needs to retire from politics, just like her husband .

  • sir82

    More "struggles" for Biden in swing states that Trump won in 2016.

    The [Russia / Taliban / bounty] issue is not yet reflected in these numbers.

    Numbers at 50% or higher are highly significant, Trump campaign would have to change the minds of voters in order to win (rather than convince undecideds).

    Election is ~4 months away.



    Poll (6/26-28):

    #Arizona: Biden 51% (+7) Trump 44% .

    #Florida: Biden 50% (+5) Trump 45% .

    #Wisconsin: Biden 51% (+8) Trump 43% .

    #Pennsylvania: Biden 50% (+6) Trump 44% .

    #Michigan: Biden 48% (+5) Trump 43% .

    North Carolina: Biden 51% (+7) Trump 44%

  • RubaDub

    sir82 ...

    Biden should just stay in his basement until mid-September. Let Trump be Trump. Trump is his own worst enemy. Let him just talk and tweet himself into obscurity.

    Politics is not the real estate business.

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