Elder's daughter is after me

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  • Listener
    Please stop and consider that as a JW there always comes the day when they will give up on a bible study and in that situation their lives are at stake. Also consider how happy you will make her father. You might even get promoted to an MS.
  • talesin
    Y can't blame them they are neglected hence immature.

    Most JWS have arrested development, on both a social and emotional level. Boys are just as immature, and tend to have a 1950s attitude towards women.

    This is not about blame - It's the reality of your situation; that is, being one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • theBaus

    A brother shared with me a thought a day ago, he told me that sisters are described in the Bible as a God's chosen army.

    lol these soft, brittle creatures are treated like crude soldiers??? that's is so chauvinistic & insensitive.

    Hasn't this dumbarse once in his life have read a poetry?

    No wonder these girls starve for love.

  • Giordano
    I think we are into translation issues or something else when it comes to The Baus............creepy.
  • talesin
    these soft, brittle creatures

    ahahaha! Are you channeling Jane Austen? ahahahaha!

    : )

    (not to be mean, but that is just ...... 19th century. I love Byron, but it's not *real*.)

  • zeb

    In my life I have drawn the conclusion that jw young are about 2 years behind their worldly peers in emotional and mental development.

    "Most JWS have arrested development, on both a social and emotional level"--Talesin.

    I too see much pain in your future. what will this young lady bring into a marriage. ?

  • freddo
    I think anyone describing themselves as "theBaus" and portrays himself as being "all that and a bag of chips" needs to get on the bus to the hall of mirrors in maturity land.
  • nicolaou
    Dude, a foreskin necklace seals the deal. Just saying.
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    don't stick your dick in crazy
  • tor1500

    Hi dBaus,

    I like your handle. You have a heart, (well I hope you do, anyway). Just asking a question do you think he father is a bully or over bearing & that's why this female is like this. Does she comment, does she go out in service, give demonstrations...why all these questions ? Well, just to get an idea of her M.O. I'm a female, and if I want to I can have many personalities, I can rise to the moment. I can be a scared little girl, I can be niaeve (where am I, who am I), I can be a grown secure woman, a globe trotter...you get my drift. On the other hand she may be fragile as she appears, but what's really going on behind the scenes. What is her home life like ?

    I like the fact that you do like her & don't want to hurt her feelings, whether she's playing you or not. This is another persons feelings you are dealing with.

    What I've learned in this life & I've been around past 50 years, marry someone that is a friend. Someone you can talk to about anything...Love is one factor but Like, brings something different to the table...When you truly like someone you are more tolerant, love runs hot & cold. Folks say they Love cupcakes...

    Well, as Paul said if you are burning with passion marry. But Paul was a man too. He never mentions women, I'm just saying.

    I know how it feels to like/love someone & they are not checking for me, any glimmer of attention, Zoom to the Moon, Alice. If we could help who we like, we would. She can't help herself maybe, or maybe she wants to leave home but can only leave if she gets married.

    The Org. forces folks to get married. When love is new, it's seems like the right thing to do. Last night Imitate their faith, Abigail, the account mentions how parents should not pressure young ones to get married...Well it's not so much the parents it's the org. Folks can only date with a view to marry. Again, the org. has shot themselves in the foot...ONCE AGAIN...Now they have to write all these articles about marriage.

    So let her down easy or just talk to her, find out where she is coming from. If she's not playing you or if she is...by talking to her, you may find out.

    JW's are immature, because, mostly, they want to be seen as innocent & more holy. Remember, JW's are shrewd...& we all know what the word shrewd means...Some not all, know just how to get just what they want.

    Another thing..you don't know her behind closed doors. I'm sure you noticed in the hall, how some of the sisters look meek & mild, but when they get home...yikes. We all know who runs the household...The Females...Because if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

    Don't go for the broken wing syndrome. A sister at my hall, nice as pie, but needy & her hubby loves it because he's DA MAN, yet at times, he feels smothered & feels his wife can't do anything without him...Yes it may blow up his ego, but she won't even carry her own purse...

    Forewarned is forearmed.


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