I have just watched the second episode of Chenobyl

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  • JeffT

    LV, I suspected that's what you did. I'd love to see The Hermitage, Years ago I took a class in Russian history (I minored in history). Fascinating place.

    From stories I've heard from friends EVERY Aeroflot flight looks like its traveling between refugee camps (and may not make it to the next one.)

    I do believe we must approach nuclear power with a clear head and a commitment to follow established procedure as in "don't turn the ****ing safety system off."

  • atomant

    the bible predicted a third of the oceans would be destroyed it just so happens the pacific is approx. one third of the oceans and is being destroyed as we speak by fukishima.Dont believe me research it.

  • Simon

    Absolutely fantastic series, gripping to watch but heart-wrenching how people in the USSR were used as though they were disposable and the deadly consequences of a failed political system and state control. It was a catastrophe, but there was some incredible bravery that saved an even worse scenario.

    No way in the world would I agree to a nuclear energy plant being built in Australia now.

    I think you have the wrong takeaway from it. Nuclear power is very safe and has been used around the world with far fewer deaths than other forms of energy (including renewables).

    What you shouldn't want in your country is socialism - people being put in positions because of party loyalty instead of competence, and then the coverups when things inevitably go wrong because of incompetence and corruption because there is no free reporting on things.

    Anyone who believes the claims made about climate change has to support nuclear power as an option. Renewables simply don't provide anywhere near the power required and their use is nothing but a small blip on the total output.

  • LV101

    JeffT - the Hermitage is unimaginable and I was trying to see as much as possible but a couple of guards allowed me to snap a few pictures (which shouldn't be allowed) and someone stole my photos and negatives when dropped off to be developed back home. I stood couple inches away from Rembrandts (maybe my fave artist besides Caravaggio) and was in awe. I think they told us it would take 18 yrs. viewing each painting couple minutes to see them all. I also saw beautiful paintings at the Summer Palace -- (it's surreal) -- Catherine the Great received as gifts. It's an amazing, beautiful, country -- but it's as Simon describes above. Workers sitting around doing nothing -- tall cranes standing with buildings half completed -- no one cares.

    Hope for change was on the horizon in early 90s with Gorbachev -- the black market was unreal and I was afraid to buy anything illegal. They were learning capitalism real fast. Aeroflot is too scary.

  • smiddy3

    I have just received the next 3 episodes and look forward to watching them.I`m a bit of a sceptic on climate change as such and believe that the climate goes through cycles over decades or even hundreds of years .

    It amuses me when the weather buero says its never been this hot on this day since 70 years ago or its never been this cold on this day since 80 years ago ? as examples ,in other words it was this hot or this cold so many years ago.

    Weather forecasting/monitoring temperatures has only been around for a relatively short time compared to how long man has been on the earth .

    Australia doesn`t want to use its coal and go to renewables ,yet the Govt. will sell our coal to nations such as China /India or whoever else wants it. How stupid is that ? We wont use it but others can ?

    If and when Nuclear power is much more safer and manageable then I would advocate its use in Australia but not before ,in the meantime use the resources we have, such as coal which is the cheapest way to keep providing the energy we need at this time.

  • lastmanstanding

    Everyone talks about electric cars.

    Canada would have to add 20 nuclear power plants to the grid to charge them cars.

    Wind mills, solar? Ha! They won’t put a dent in it.

  • smiddy3

    I`m beginning to change my mind about Nuclear energy having read up a bit more about it .Australia has large deposits of Uranium that they sell off over seas yet wont use it here in a nuclear power plant.

    Coal is in abundance here but instead of building more efficient coal fired power stations we will instead sell it off overseas.

    And what are we going to do ? rely on renewables , solar , wind ,and whatever else doesn`t provide for our needs.

    We need a government with a vision for the future .

    And we don`t have one yet or in the foreseable future.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    I am worried that they might start sending the waste into outer space but not "successfully" and it lands back on this planet.

    Blondie, your comment reminded me of when I was younger and launch a rocket into the sky and it came back down and hit me in the head. I'm not alone, because hundreds of kids on YouTube did the same thing.


    Adults are just Big kids.


  • smiddy3

    blondie , your comment about the winds at very high altitudes spreading contamination all around the earth got me thinking about Jet fuel that is burnt through engines of Commercial Airline Planes between 30,000 ft.above sea level ,and what effect that has on the population below.?

    It has been documented that at any one time night or day there are over 1 million passengers in the air at anytime .

    It is in fact a city in the sky ,with over 1 million people up their every night and every day.

    Around the world thousands of Jet fuelled planes are in the air at any one time.

    That`s a bloody lot of planes flying around at 30,000 + ft above us.

    What effect on us down here on earth does burnt Aviation Turbine Fuel have on us ? ( Avtur )- ( Jet Fuel)

    Has their ever been any tests done ? if not why not ?

    Petrol fumes from exhausts are a potential health hazard

    Diesel Fumes from an exhaust are a potential health hazard

    Fumes from lighting kerosene which is akin / similar to jet fuel that in some cases the two are used for both cases , breathing in can cause serious health problems .

    So getting back to my point : How much in the dark are we about the health hazards that spent jet fuel / Avtur from commercial airlines are we at risk of that they are not telling us about. ?

    And that is spread day in day out from the city in the sky .?

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