I have just watched the second episode of Chenobyl

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  • smiddy3

    Has anybody seen it ? and what did you think of it ?

    As i said i have only seen two episodes so far and by what i have seen and what limited information I have with that and the Japanese Nuclear accident problem I know of I don`t want any nuclear reactors anywhere here on Australian soil .

    I think it has only been by pot luck that a disaster of major proportions has been avoided.

    And that is not good enough .

    We have had two warnings with Chenobyl and Japan ,what will the third one tell us ?

    I would appreciate your comments. this should also be on social /politics

  • zeb

    The cloud of contamination from that reactor 'leak' was so bad there are lakes in Wales that are so poisoned that no fish from them can be ever eaten. Soon after the events occurred there was 'fire' sale of European dairy produce here in Australia.. !

    Now this also means that the radioactivity trail was such that it must have poisoned a track across Europe and the UK probably Ireland as well depending on the winds before drifting off into the Atlantic. It would have forewarned an epidemic of cancers and perhaps there has been but it has been kept quiet.

    It is believed that the accident was also caused by the use of 12 hour shifts. This industrial practice is at the base of the majority of airline incidents, the 3 mile Island breakdown, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and so many more I have forgotten.

    The most recent disaster in Japan where the reactor blew has seen huge amounts of poisoned water enter the pacific.

    There was a plan to build a rector in Western Australia and the site being assessed was right over a fault line. It never went ahead but if it had it would still be going while its creators the politicians would be long gone. The plan was to cool it with sea water. This also meant it would be easily accessed by bad people with a cheap submarine and WW2 vintage gun to blow it up if they chose.... today..?

    sleep well all..

  • smiddy3

    I used to think that nuclear power was the way to go despite the powers of be not knowing how to dispose of the waste products ,thinking they would come up with a solution sooner or later .

    No way in the world would I agree to a nuclear energy plant being built in Australia now.

    It is a miracle that half of Europe wasn`t wiped out in that disaster ,it was just pot luck that it wasn`t .

    I think pot luck and miracles go hand in hand here.

    Chernobyl , Japan , Three Mile Island USA ,that we know of having problems .

    All we need now is radical terrorists who don`t mind killing themselves targeting Nuclear power Plants causing a great loss of life.

    Its just a matter of time before another great disaster occurs with a Nuclear Power Plant when the experts will not know what to do to prevent a catastrophe .

  • scruffmcbuff

    I have a nuclear reactor approx 35 miles from my house by road, as the crow flys maybe 25 miles.

    Its a concern.

  • zeb


    Do you take iodine?


    I saw the whole series and thought it was very well done. Jared Harris and Skarskard were terrific. I was living in West Germany during the mid 80s and we knew more about the accident than most in the Soviet Union.

    Mistakes were certainly made. It's a mini series worth watching



  • blondie

    I am worried that they might start sending the waste into outer space but not "successfully" and it lands back on this planet.

    I have seen quite a few shows on this from the first day and how things have developed over time in that area and other areas affected by the fallout. We are all at risk since the winds high up can transport it all over the planet.

  • LV101

    My family witnessed sick children on flights in Russia from the Chernobyl horror -- I'm negative toward nuclear power. Children were being transported for treatment to the Krasnodar area/Black Sea -- hard to believe but this was around 1981-82. We were afraid to eat many foods -- talk about a starvation diet. Bottled water had soot lying at bottom and we latched onto Finland water wherever possible. It's a beautiful country - incredible natural resources and they need to step up their game and utilize some assets toward healthcare progress. Worse aviation stats of any country -- pathetic.

  • JeffT

    There are reasonable concerns, and reasonble responses to those concerns regarding the safety of nuclear power. If we are going to be serious about climate change we need nuclear power to bridge the gap until better systems are created. Either that or we can sit in the dark.

    We have safe ways of disposing of the waste (glassification) and the volume of material involved is small compared to say, the chemical industry. Blondie, I've studied technology issues for a long time (even when I was a JW). I've never heard a serious proposal to send it into space.

    The lesson of Chernobyl is "don't turn off the safety systems." The plant blew up because the guy in charge was an idiot - as well portrayed in the series.

    LV101, I have no idea what you saw in 1981-1982. The Chernobyl event was in 1986.

  • LV101

    JeffT -- CORRECTION -- So sorry -- I was there first time in 1991-92. Had my decades confused rushing. It dawned on me and I raced to open this site and WHAM noticed your alert right above before I started typing.

    The Hermitage was incredible -- I'd love to have at least a week to spend there and it wouldn't be enough time as I'm sure you know.

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