Do any of you born into the cult feel like your mental growth was stunted?

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Being raised as a JW, I had all of life's big questions presented to me before I was even curious about them or was appropriate for someone of my age to know about. Not only were they presented to me, but they were answered as well and if I didn't accept the answers that were provided, I'd not only be a huge disappointment to everyone I knew but I'd also die at Armageddon.

    They in a sense stole my natural curiosity about things and taught me to wait for them to tell me via their literature, what I should be thinking about each month. They even published bound volumes of their magazines so that I could see what I had been (or was supposed to be) thinking about in previous years.

    I learned or developed the habit of always waiting for and or deferring to someone in authority to validate any ideas I may have had of my own, before acting on them. They taught me to be a follower.

  • Humphry

    I think my parents were partially responsible for some mental decline as well as the public school systems in the 1950s and 60s. I was more clever before going to school, and developed attention deficit disorder because I really didn't like school very much but scored high test even though I never studied or ever did a lick of home work never.

    But getting snagged by the Watchtower printing corporation real put a stop to my inquiring mind for about 25+years and that was the more severe than parental and governmental indoctrination combined.

    I'm glad to see we those among us those that may not have been harmed that much. Your personalities were stronger than mine, it took me quite awhile to get some of their self destructive bull shit out of my head and get my life back.

  • Humphry


    Besides, holding the anger does nothing to the Cult, but it does harm us. We can move on and grow. We can be forces for good without being like the WTBTS. It’s hard to let go and realize that they aren’t changing, and we won’t be the one to make them see the light.

    You must remember that repressed anger goes into one's unconscious so simple moving on and growing is not a reasonable suggestion. Repressed hostilities becomes a neurosis.

    repressed hostility: In the neurotic personality there is a good deal of repressed hostility towards persons. In other words, neurotic persons show ambivalence attitude. They like and dislike as well as appreciate and criticise.

  • Nrs83

    I agree... Not mentally affected... But definitely emotionally!

    The constant feeling that your not good enough is only reinforced everytime you go to a meeting.

    Not having one single real friend

    Mentally I'm probably confusing the hell out of my child... Watches films, plays video games what they definitely shouldn't as a jw...

    Whenever they question something as being wrong as a jw... I tell them to make there own choice... If they want to do it carry on...

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Sure stunted my sex life.

  • Humphry

    You are right about that. Even having sex with my wife at the time made me feel guilty, and greatly diminished my even lusting after her. The Watchtower corporation's indoctrination made me feel guilty of any sexual thought that wasn't in line with corporation indoctrination. It repressed my sex drive into my unconscious which I have been un-repressing for about 20+ years now and all I can say is,,,, it is getting better and better every day .

    Hey how about a lawsuit suing them over loss of sex drive or something?

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