attended funeral.

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  • zeb

    To show respects for the older bro who died.

    First thing I noticed. The noise!.. jw never learn to sit and do so quietly. It might as well been a standard kh meeting.

    2nd thing how severely over weight so many are.

    The service was pleasant and it began to get a bit lost quoting scriptures but remembered what we were all there for.

  • pale.emperor

    As far as i remember, a JW funeral was more like a recruitment advert for the non-JW's present.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Did you mean your fleshly brother or a JW. Either way, my condolences.

  • scratchme1010

    jw never learn to sit and do so quietly. It might as well been a standard kh meeting.

    They have to be told everything.

    JW funerals are advertising of their agenda. They use them to try to manipulate people who have lost a loved one to join them. They know that high chances are not every person attending is a JW so they have the disrespectful idea of using somebody's loss to push their agenda.

  • tiki

    The issue of over weight is a by product of low self esteem in many cases...and the religion fosters that. You are never good enough...and besides it is are flawed and nothing can cure you but the new world. So taking care of ones health becomes a selfish activity. Additionally you are denied pleasureable activities so eating becomes a pleasure escape mechanism...drinking too results from this....the legitimate vice so long as you keep it sufficiently under wraps. The religion is bad for mental, physical and emotional health.

  • rebel8

    I remember a study saying, "I have never seen so much social activity focused on food. I mean, you can't dance, you can't listen to boring. All that's left is eating. And every jw get-together is an enormous buffet of fattening food."

  • steve2

    Gluttony is in the same "company" as fornication and other sins that Scripture claims will keep believers from the kingdom of God. Yet, do you ever hear of JWs being hauled before judicial committees for over-eating? I'm not suggesting they should do so, but the selective focus of their committees belies their claim to be only applying Biblical standards.

  • Steel

    What i have noticed at jw funerals is no one cries. Its honestly really creepy. Of course 5 mins about the person and 30 mins about the borg.

    The part really bugs me is the counting. You could see the elders at the back taking attendance. Not really sure why.

    I just thought was rude.

  • ToesUp

    The JW funeral is just..." a witness to the community." 99.9% about the cult and .01% about the person. UNLESS....the deceased was a wealthy/big hitter in WT land. Seen that before! There talk is ALL about how much they "contributed" ($$$$) to WT (aka Jehovah).

  • TD

    JW services are an abomination. They laugh, gossip, discuss sports and plan their weekends when they should be sitting quietly. The actual memorial is just another Bible study with noisy page flipping and the promotion of JW doctrines incidental to the loss.

  • tepidpoultry

    For my Dad who was in since 1950

    Bro forgot his life info/story

    So just the propaganda part

    No apology

    Crap thing could've been for anybody,

    Family friend came up to me after and said

    "This is wrong Tepid, you should go up and talk about your father!"

    Considered it but I was a little distraught to gather everybody

    back together and give an impromptu talk,

    This "Thing" dehumanizes

    It's sick,

    An important reason that I'm out!

    I know we all have our stories here

    Thanks for listening to one of mine


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