It's now okay to applaud when someone is reinstated?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Anyone else notice that in the video where the sister was reinstated after many years of freedom, that the congregation applauded at the announcement of her reinstatement? It been a few years since I was an elder, but when I was, we were instructed by the CO that it was "not appropriate" to applaud when the announcement of a reinstatement is made from the platform. Why not?

    His words, "because the one being reinstated is only doing what they should be doing!"

    God I love this organization! NOT

    just saying!


  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    it's in a watchtower from a few months back. i can't remember the date.

  • sir82


    From the May 15 2016 Watchtower, page 32

    When someone is reinstated in the congregation, we have good reason to rejoice. The person will have to keep on maintaining his integrity to God, but he had to be repentant in order to be reinstated, and we are glad that he repented. Accordingly, there may well be spontaneous, dignified applause when the elders make an announcement of a reinstatement.

  • redpilltwice

    I remember a discussion in our BOE a few years back. One MS was complaining that it was only good to applaud in case someone was reinstated (a close friend of him actually was reinstated a week before).

    Contrary to eyeuse2badub 's example of the co's unsatisfying comment, one long serving elder over here made this wise comment:

    "You'll never know what effect the person's wrongdoing may have had on others, especially those who are still in that same congregation and are forced to listen to the applause.

    He was so right, think about any reinstated "repentant" pedophile and the deep mental and physical scars he probably has left on others! Must be very traumatic to listen to the "dignified applause" and inevitable love-bombing if you ask me...

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    What was forbidden yesterday may be allowed today... but not tomorrow. Depending on which way the wind is blowing.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Yep, saw it...I always thought that if the angels were happy that a lost one was found, why couldn't we be happy. I thought this way before the article...& where in the bible did it say we shouldn't clap for a reinstated person. I bet you no where, it was a personal opinion, like so many other rules the Org. gives.

    When man tells you what God says, it's usually what man says....

    I told a few of the others have said here....they were told not to. Why do witnesses remember unkind things to do but never the kind things to do? Why does the org. have to tell their members how to be kind ? In my opinion, not all but most for the friends are mean spirited. I think many came from unkind backgrounds. Just think if a person will shun you, whether it's your parents, friends, or siblings...there is something to be said about those types of people who do it & do it easily & gladly...& can live with themselves. That unkind trait is in that type of person before they were a witness.

    I remember when I was told you couldn't pray for others that are not witnesses or studies...then the next thing you know...In one of the magazines or one of the books, it says...JEHOVAH IS PLEASED WHEN YOU PRAY FOR OTHERS. ( I also did a topic on this). What made me so happy is the brother that told me that, he was there in the audience when we went over it....I wonder what he was thinking? Most likely nothing....but I still felt good, knowing that he was need to rub it in his face....He knows.

    The article was on the back of the study WT. When will they tell us, I wonder. Will there be a letter from the GB's? Or is this a ploy to show the public that the org. is not what folks say, they want to look like a kinder org.

    Shunning should be next on the hit list...not sure how they will spin it..but they are clever....but come to think of it...shunning is a form of control, & the ORG. must be in control, by any means necessary. But if they expect to attract new ones into the org....shunning may not be a good look. But on the other hand, those that have a mean enough spirit to shun someone, they would love to join. As we learned from Haman, his plot backfired, just like shunning can backfire on someone...You may shun someone, but one day it just may be you...

    What type of person likes to shun anyway, it reminds me of people who say, well, if they don't say Hi, I won't either...petty I say...& Jehovah isn't petty. What type of parent shuns their own child, that's that really a loving person or someone who just had a child & feel no can a person shun their own because MAN, said so....It's over my head...& I hope it stays there.


  • KateWild

    Yes I thought the same thing, but obviously things have they always do.

    Kate xx

  • millie210

    I swear, a JW should invent an app for all the flip flops over tiny little rules like this.

    Then a good Jw would know what they are allowed to do and not do this month.

    And did they really write an article giving permission for spontaneous clapping?

    Sadly and surreally, yes they did.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In the last decade or more, our Congregation always applauded when someone got baptized, appointed as a pioneer, aux pioneer, servant and reinstated,

    Before that, I remember there'd be an awkward silence after such announcements. The applause sort of filled that gap and made it easier to seque into the next announcement.

    When there'd be an announcement about a reinstatement, there'd always be approving smiles directed toward the (oft times) sobbing person being reinstated .

  • millie210

    I know DF announcements used to not be made during a C.O.s visit.

    How about reinstatements?

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