Compiling a list of Sin

by Nihilistic Journey 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ab.ortega

    No extracurricular activities.

  • Saename

    No worldly sources for education (history etc.) (Someone mentioned spiritual knowledge, and college, but not this specifically.)

    No modern interpretations of the Bible.

    Women: no authority positions.

    I can't do less than my best efforts in preaching etc.

    You have to be perfect if you're the child of an elder.

    [My apologies in advance if it's too sexually open!!] No oral sex. It'd be a problem for me as I love giving oral sex to women. (Premarital sex was mentioned, but not this...) (On a further note, no other sex than the "ordinary" sex in missionary position. Apparently, ancient writers of the Bible were ignorant to the fact that only around 30% women can orgasm in PIV sex.)

    No kissing before marriage. (Most break that rule anyway.)

    No entertainment (movies, books, etc.) that involves violence, sex, and other "inappropriate" material.

  • schnell

    No ideas that might "take you out of the truth". (Apparently "the truth" is fragile and easily debunked by basic evidence and logic, but should be adhered to regardless.)

    No historical/critical analysis of the Bible. (It's the inerrant Word of God and that's that.)

    No "violent entertainment". (Nebulous, much? Does the Bible count?)

    No "vampires". (Oddly specific. When Twilight was big, there were talks and articles specifically about this. I always wondered why the elders forced this on everybody in attendance, as if we're all into it, and didn't just say, "Hey, don't watch shitty god-awful movies.")

    No oral sex. (Hey, other stuff got repeated too.)

    No instructional videos or texts that might give you an idea as to how to better please your mate. (No porn.)

  • smiddy

    No competitive sports activity

    No heavy metal music

    No higher education

    No rock star Idols such as KISS ,Elvis, Rolling Stones or the likes of any of them.

    No sneakers or jeans to be worn at a KH or an Assembly and if you attend an international Convention you are to go sight-seeing dressed appropiately as if attending a meeting , { A Brochure for Ireland } if I remember correctly .

  • Rainbow_Troll

    In no particular order:

    • No long hair (for men).
    • No crossdressing.
    • No reading books that are critical of the WTS' s teaching (which basically means anything written by apostates, as well as most books on Science, Philosophy, and Comparative Religion).
    • No Higher Education.
    • No icons, statues, crosses, or other emblems of idolatry.
    • No dating (unless you are an adult who is seriously searching for a spouse).
    • No holding hands or kissing.
    • No oral sex, mutual masturbation, BDSM, or role-playing with your spouse.
    • No witchcraft, enochian magick, or eldritch conjurations from the Necronomicon
    • No drugs.
    • No voting.

    Since I left, I've committed all the above except one.

  • Landy
    Since I left, I've committed all the above except one.

    Shame about the higher education ;)

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