What’s The Worst Thing You Have Heard About A JW?

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  • Biahi

    A teenage JW named William Carlson killed his mother, then raped her dead body. This was in Illinois, USA. He also claimed abuse.

  • Finkelstein

    The true reality which JWS don’t have the capability to accept is that there are deplorable morally repugnant people in their organization.

    Jws are brainwashed to think that most of their members are morally and behaviorally superior than people outside of their organization .

    We are the most righteous, that’s why god has chosen us.

  • peacefulpete

    I knew child abusers, a pedophile, wife beaters, murder/suicide, a couple thieves, one kidnapper. But I also knew many very good , kind people, caught up in a religion that demanded they abandon their children,, mothers and grandparents.

  • minimus

    Zeb, back in the 80’s , no police were ever involved. Plus many elders refused to believe he could ever have sex with his daughters.

    Hey Pete, stop being a goody two shoes will you? I wasn’t asking about nice JWs this time, ok?? Geeshhhh

  • minimus

    That William Carlson story is horrendous

  • peacefulpete

    My point was that the high control structure can actually make good, nice people do unthinkable things. But yes, there are horrible people in the religion too.

  • smiddy3

    Google crimes committed by Jehovah`s Witnesses and you will find that as a body they are no different from the world that they condemn .

    Their are good people and there are bad people in the religion.

    Look at the divorce rate among JW`s and brought about by the practicing JW.

    When I left the JW`s back in the early 90`s I signed up for jury service and the first case I was assigned to was a JW father accused of molesting his daughter brought against him by his JW wife .

    How ironic was that .

  •  Kingdavid41

    The Blatint and Shocking Cover-up of Sexual Child Abuse in Various Countries around the World! 😤😭😡

  • WingCommander

    Local Elduh. 144,000 Anointed. Husband. Father. Rapist. Incestuous child molester.

    Mid-90's, wife of 20+ years left him along with their 3 daughters. 2 sons stayed with him. She was made out to be a Jezebel and DF'd. Daughters never showed up to KH again.

    Fast-forward almost 20 years. I discover:

    1. Eldest son was arrested multiple times for child porn, as well as nearly killing an infant of his GF's. 3rd Strike, was sent to State Pen for 25-life. This made the local newspapers and he was on Megan's Law website.

    2. Youngest son (my age) had apparently kidnapped and raped his youngest sister. He was caught, but not arrested. All kept hush-hush in the Congregations, but WT HQ had a letter sent to his new Congregations forbidding him from going out in service unsupervised or with children. No privileges, etc.

    3. Was told Elduh father had molested probably ALL of his children. ALL of them.

    4. Saw a post online by Elduh molester's ex-wife confirming this, as well as her discovery that he had raped his sisters growing up. Disgusted is an understatement.

    5. Elduh was never turned in, prosecuted, etc. He was shuffled off to a neighbouring county where he eventually was made an Elduh again. Served in a foreign language Congregation for a while. Remarried eventually to a Pionsneer dumbass. Saw him out walking going door-to-door about 3 years ago. I couldn't believe he wasn't dead or in jail. My jaw hit the floor.

    6. Daughters all "out" of JW's and seem well-adjusted with families of their own. No contact with father or molester brothers. Mother "out" as well, long-ago.

    7. Eldest son in PA state penn.

    8. Youngest son fled Pennsylvania, headed down south last I heard and married a woman with 3 young children.

    9. I had a book study with this Elduh when I was 13-14 yrs old, and it was the Greatest Man book. It was alone in my home. We had no idea. Nothing happened. If it had, my father would have killed this man and dissolved his body in a bathtub filled with lye acid. (he was a Vietnam vet, and CSA survivor himself)

    Anointed abuser resides in one of the Mount Joy, PA Congregations. I won't name names, as no prosecution has ever been brought forth. Local members can guess who I am referring to. Anyone guessing who I am? EAT SHIT. I was never baptized, all my family are dead, and I am untouchable.


  • minimus

    Wing, that’s one effed up family! Real bad people.

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