Help needed - Did the GB receive Covid money?

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  • iwasblind

    This is not a political post regarding the vax jab, (let's not go there) but I personally know many who were disturbed by the GB pushing it in the update #7.

    It is odd as they never really get involved and always do the stupid "conscious" thing whenever they don't want to take responsibility.

    Then I saw this article -

    There is a report with itemized churches and the amounts they were given. I know the borg is good at hiding their tracks so just putting it out there if anyone knows.

    It could explain why the GB was so coercive with this messaging.

  • Earnest

    The report shows that the Catholic Church was quite proactive in taking advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program. The report says :

    Churches of all denominations and other religious nonprofits were quick to take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, which provided forgivable loans under the CARES Act in March. The U.S. Catholic Church alone received at least $1.4 billion in funding and possibly as much as $3.5 billion under the program, according to an analysis by the Associated Press, using data provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

    It doesn't seem that the Watchtower Society or affiliates were major beneficiaries. However, the government's data didn't name recipients of loans under $150,000 so until a complete list of beneficiaries is provided it is impossible to say whether the Watchtower Society benefited from this at all.

  • iwasblind

    Thanks Earnest, thought it may have explained their push on this.

    However, they are extremely good at covering their tracks. Appreciate the reply.

  • smiddy3

    If they haven`t done so already I`m sure they will apply especially when you see the list of those who have already done so.

    Why wouldn`t they.

    Their are a lot of questionable religious organizations who have received money from this fund.

  • alanv

    Over JWs 20000 JWs have died because of covid. It should be no surprise that the governing body have encouraged witnesses to have the jabs

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It's noted that the author cherrypicked only evangelical ministries and churches. It did not select for corporations that churches like JW's may use.

    You can find a more complete list here:

    I don't know what the WTBTS could have one of their subsidiaries incorporated under, there are a lot of secretive organizations under WTBTS for these purposes.

  • Diogenesister

    I would imagine the paycheck protection scheme may have applied to their lawyers/doctors/accountants/PR & other professionals.

    It would be interesting to look up Watchtower's JW lawyers and check whether they were recipients (such as the infamous Canadian lawyer who perjured himself in court claiming witness family relations don't change following disfellowshipping - he owns his own firm which essentially works full time for Watchtower)

    It as you say one of their many subsidiary companies...particularly if involved in building etc which would have had to stop during some lockdown periods. Very interesting find!!

  • Earnest

    The "more complete" list that Anony Mous provided above only includes companies who received loans over $150,000 at the moment. It does suggest that it will include loans under $150,000 in the future.

    The companies listed at the moment include two with the word "Watchtower", namely Watchtower Security, Inc and Watchtower LLC.

    Watchtower Security, Inc is a managed video surveillance company specializing in meeting the specific security needs for the multi-family housing industry. Watchtower LLC is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry.

    Nothing to see here relating to the Watchtower Society or its affiliates at the moment. When the list includes loans under $150,000 then it may be worth looking at again.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Note also that NY had its own PPP-style program which then caused Biden eventually to bail the state out from federal government funds. As such it is possible that there are funds the WTBTS procured under a different name or statute but not required to be disclosed under Federal requests.

  • iwasblind

    Thanks for your replies guys

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