Since You Left The Organization Do You Celebrate National and Religious Holidays?

by minimus 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I know of people who were disciplined because they observed the Fourth of July fireworks celebration. And I know many people who celebrated Thanksgiving but just didn’t call it that because they could get into trouble with the elders.

    Do You now celebrate birthdays and other holidays or is that something you really don’t care about??

  • recluse

    i honestly don't care about most holidays, but there are some family that is the only time you get to be with them. I currently celebrate thanksgiving. I probably will celebrate some birthdays . I don't see ever doing halloween.

  • minimus

    But I like the discounted candy the day after

  • jp1692

    Yes to both, but only in secular style. What I mean is: I don’t go to church on Easter, but we do cook a big family meal and hide Easter eggs for my five year old grandchild.

  • Abaddon

    Oh Darwin's nuts! Minimus!

    Thought I would check in as its been a few years - good to see you're still going.

  • LV101

    Celebrate and love it all!

  • minimus

    Ab thanks and good to see u

  • minimus

    I’m making up for lost time

  • Whynot

    We're celebrating a birthday this weekend. Never done this before. My husband doesn't feel comfortable though. Yet he's been DF for years and I'm a fader.

    I don't see myself doing most holidays because I feel they're religious. My husband and I have talked about starting new family traditions in place of holidays.

  • Dunedain

    Well, i just shot off a $1000 bucks worth of fireworks in my backyard lastnight, for the 4th, so i would say i "celebrated" it. It wasnt about the birth of my nation, though. It was about having fun. Enjoying the show, and having a few friends over.

    I celebrate Christmas with my family, as i have younger children. Its not about Jesus birthday, duh. Its not about anything, but just enjoying the time of year, and the giving of presents, and i LOVE when my kids are happy.

    I go to an Easter dinner at my wifes parents house. Its all about the meal for me, and for everyone else, i think. Nobody goes to church, or cares about Jesus being resurrected, or the Easter bunny. Again, its about getting together, and that awesome ham and mashed potatoes.

    Dont get me started on Thanksgiving. Its not about remembering the first meal that the settlers shared with the Indians. Its about getting together, and that giant bird, all the mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and a ton of other sh$t. Now i am getting hungry, dammit.

    Birthdays, yes i celebrate them too. Its really about the person whos bday that it is. Getting together, and having an enjoyable day. I dont think about astrology, or a head on a silver plate, go figure. Cake though, thats nice.

    Funny though, now that i am getting older, i dont care as much for celebrating MY birthday, weird right.

    Now, i must admit, and this is probably weird coming from a born in, ex JW, that i am, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. Weird, i know, but i love that time of year. I love scary, dark, eerie things, and Halloween is right up my alley. If you dont believe in the edicts of the religion anymore, then why should i care about a spooky holiday. Its either its all true, or its all NOT true. So if i dont believe in Jah, then i dont belive in Satan either.

    Thats my basic stand on most of the holidays. Also, mind you, yes i was a born in JW, and was NOT raised with holidays, but my wife was not a JW, and holidays are normal. Therefore my kids were not raised as JWs and holidays are normal to them. I have been outta the "truth" since my early 20s, over 20 years ago, and i would never push my odd, cult upbringing on them, so i go with the flow.

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