whats so bad about believing people go to heaven?

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  • jhine

    David_Jay yes your right we have gone off course . l suppose that the WT view on this is for the same reason as it's view on most things , whatever Christendom teaches we'll teach the opposite . That then gives them the feeling of exclusivity that they so like .


  • Vidiot

    sowhatnow - "Whats so bad about believing people go to heaven?"


    And these days, I'm perfectly free to believe in the possibility of an afterlife if I feel like it (and I say this as an agnostic).


    Honestly, at this point, I think the guys who crafted WT theology trachcanned the "all good Christians go to heaven" thing just to be "different for the sake of different".

  • Tornintwo

    I haven't decided what I believe yet since exiting the cult. Although the the teachings and example of Jesus appeal to me and when I read them without jw influence, they seem to point to a heaven, some Christian Faith's believe heaven is the place his people go to until the time at some point in the future earth will be restored in some way and the resurrection will take place.

    They can point to scriptures to support their viewpoint,so can witnesses, so can others who believe something else entirely. The bible is a big book and can be used to support multiple hypotheses.

    The irritating thing about jws in particular is this 'were right everyone else is wrong' 'We'll live, everyone else will die', 'our beliefs our precious and inspired, your beliefs are nonsense' , it is the thing that irritates me most about them since I left. Now my prayers are meaningless, unheard, my faith worthless, according to them, because I'm not inline with what their self appointed human leaders say I should believe.

  • Bonsai

    For me, earth is heaven. Such a beautiful place that I want to be on it forever.

    But yeah, like everyone said, it's a matter of exclusivity. The market for heaven is saturated. How many would join if JW was just another religion teaching that we go to heaven? They had to think outside the box to stimulate interest and growth.

    I've always loved the idea of a paradise earth, but without the armageddon stuff. Even as a witness I always fantasized about God educated mankind with kindness and love so that no one would have to die. I surmised that the meek should stay on earth and send all the self righteous hard asses to heaven!

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