whats so bad about believing people go to heaven?

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  • kaik
    Belief in heaven does nothing good for humanity and does not move humankind forward. Why would humans try to figuring out cure for cancer, HIV, diabetes, when there is a nice fix afterlife. Dealing with poverty? Why? When everyone gets reward (or punishment) after death. Belief in heaven is counterproductive to humanity and it is regressive force in society. It is also not a core belief in Judaism. Jews do not have defined strict beliefs in heavenly afterlife. Early Israelites did not get reward in afterlife, their reward was to settle in Promised Land and cultivate it. To make it better, to turn desert into flourishing garden ruled by justice and law. There was no promise of afterlife and heavenly reward for Moses or Aaron.
  • Giordano
    I understand that in heaven they had to put the 144,000 in their own private area that no one can visit so that they think they are the only ones in Heaven. It's a kindness.
  • smiddy


    Isn`t there a joke about that somewhere ? It goes like this.

    Peter is showing new arrivals around heaven , and different faiths have different doors to them with a welcoming sign on them.

    All except Jehovah`s Witnesses , that says , Do not enter.

    The new arrivals ask why that sign is on the J.W.door

    Peter answers , because they think there the only ones up here


  • Island Man
    Island Man

    You know what's even worse? Many JWs out in the ministry are so zealous to dispel the supposedly false notion that everyone goes to heaven, that they often neglect to tell people that going to heaven is scriptural and some christians will go there. They tell householders that God made the earth for man and he will transform it into a paradise, etc, but they totally neglect to acknowledge that some will go to heaven. The end result is that many householders come away with the impression that JWs don't believe in anyone going to heaven. So when they later read their bible and see it talks about going to heaven they come away thinking that JWs are false teachers.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    JWs literally discourage people from having the heavenly hope. That puts them on very dangerous grounds with God (from a believer perspective). It's like they're pressuring people to refuse a scriptural hope. Also the murmuring and judging that goes on at the memorial when someone partakes for the first time . . . think about it. Imagine that God anoints someone and people who claim to be christian are scoffing at it and looking upon it with suspicion! This is a very serious issue from a christian standpoint!

    Even worse, christian elders will interrogate the person to try to dissuade him from being anointed or question the legitimacy of his anointing as if to imply that God's choice of who he anoints is subject to the approval and scrutiny of men! The JWs view of the heavenly hope and their treatment of those professing to be anointed is very, very blasphemous, presumptuous and wicked from a christian standpoint. I think it is one of the most glaringly atrocious things about this religion professing to be christian, and which isn't given enough spotlight.

    There's a scripture where Jesus says something like: "Woe to you scribes and pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut up the kingdom of heaven before men. You do not go in nor do you permit others to go in.". That scripture perfectly describes JWs' behavior toward the heavenly hope and their treatment of those who newly profess to be anointed.

    whats so bad about believing people go to heaven?

    If People Want To Believe In Going To Heaven..

    .............................LET THEM..


  • brandnew

    Ummmm i just want to know if all doggies go to heaven.

    And mad puppiesâ˜ș

  • sandy

    LOL Outlaw

    DD: thanks I can't ever recall reading that scripture in Hebrews.

    While I have a huge problem with the bible I don't know about life after death. I hope there is another life after this one. But it cannot be denied after reading the bible without the watchtower all of Christ's followers are promised heaven. Heaven from a religious point of view is far more appealing than being on your deathbed wondering where is this promised paradise I worked so hard for.

  • talesin

    I agree with OUTLAW. In my last neighbourhood, I met a fellow cat-lover. An older lady,who belonged to a born-again, Holy Jeebus church (no offense intended, but they are tres fanatical). She was a really nice lady, though, who took me for a drive a few times, and we had tea. I was curious about 'the Rapture' (we don't have a lot of fundies around here), and she enlightened me about their point of view. I answered her queries about the JWS.

    We had a nice interaction. She was a kindly, truly 'Christian' soul, and I respected that. She, in turn, respected my wishes, and did not try to convert me.

    I never tried to change her POV .. she was old, and ill, and looked forward to 'heaven' (I have NO conception of what that is). I was content to leave her to it. She wasn't shoving her beliefs down my throat, so what would I accomplish? Make an old lady feel bad?

    Each situation requires personal judgment, but like I said "each to his own" is how my culture sees it. xx

  • DesirousOfChange

    I see no difference in which fantasy people choose to put their faith:

    1) No worries, we know that they are in heaven.

    2) No worries, we know we will see them again in the resurrection.

    3) No worries, we know we will all die, so eat, drink, and make out with Mary.

    As Paul said, we need not grieve as do those who have no faith.


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