Jehovah witnesses and life insurance

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  • Check_Your_Premises

    Ok read a little back story. She is marginal at best. You are way out and she knows.

  • tiki

    Couple things...I know from experiece that most medical health proxy documents...the first legitimate option is the nearest of kin. Alternates are usually the next closest relative. If I were in your shoes I'd get a real genuine legal proxy done up for you and your family members. In that you can determine preferred options in life threatening circumstances where the individual is not capable of speakinf for themselves.

    Not sure where your wife really stands on all this...but a serious conversation about it is in order. She may be amenable to destroying the card and the other thing is that those elders really have absolutely no business insinuating themselves into anyones medical decision making other than their own and their immediate families. They are so nervy...outrageous.

  • Spiral

    I've seen this before, but really, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for a brother to make someone designate him as their "health care agent" when there is family available.

    I would visit an attorney, have the appropriate documents drawn up (it's not that expensive) and distributed among relatives, doctors, etc. as appropriate (unless they are JWs, of course) and tear up the other stuff.

    Should an emergency happen and they show up at the hospital waiving papers around ask the nursing staff to call security.

    If an emergency never happens, they'll never know.

    BUT-it is OUTRAGEOUS that they would ask to be her "representative".

  • carla

    "BUT-it is OUTRAGEOUS that they would ask to be her "representative"-- I don't know why you guys think that, I believe that is the way it is for all ubm's and possibly even for those suspected of being 'weak' jw's.

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