Jehovah witnesses and life insurance

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  • Steel


    My wife was recently cornered by the elders about her blood card because she didn't have one. So one elder witnessed her sign it and he signed it and one elder made himself her health care agent.

    With the memorial coming up I am thinking of maybe having a life insurance policy drawn up, maybe in the amount of 300 or 400 dollars a month and I will ask these two dipshits if they would like to sign it. It only seems fair they should be finicially responsible for my son since they made my wife sign a document endangering her safety.

    What do you think?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "One elder made himself her health care agent". I would forward every medical bill to his home, you are making the decision so you pay the bill.

  • dubstepped

    I have to ask, how did they know she didn't have one?

    And yes, your policy idea sounds fair.

  • Steel

    The elders were checking. My wife lost her card years ago and never bothered to replace it. I hope secretly she may not agree with it.

    Now they stand over you and witness you sign it and mostly likely have a copy of it on record. It's absolutely disgusting.

  • finallysomepride

    it's a cult

  • Finkelstein

    Another compelling aspect of the high controlling enforced regulation instituted in this organization/relgoius cult.

    If she stated she wasn't in agreement to this no blood transfusion policy/doctrine they would have given her some serious trouble.

    Yes, they are that kind of shit disturbers.

  • Listener

    Can't you use your 'headship' authority to ask for the card and documents? How dare an Elder claim authority over her health care.

  • LongHairGal


    Their behavior towards your wife sounds aggressive and borders on intimidation. Wow, I haven't been there for years and it sounds like JWs are getting nervier and nervier....I would have told them I'll take it home and think about it. How dare they pressure her.

    No offense, but it sounds like they overstepped their boundaries. Whether you are in or out, I think you better ASSERT yourself about this! You are her husband and not them, right?

    Never mind the joke about insurance.

  • waton
    Can't you use your 'headship' authority to ask for the card and documents? How dare an Elder claim authority over her health care. Listener:

    Very good point! The elders/wt insert themselves in so many unscriptural ways into the family arrangement outlined in 1 Cor 11; 3.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Well I would base your decision about what to do on how your wife will react. I presume you would prefer she left the org. So I think your pressure point is where Listener pointed you. But I wouldn't demand some headship thing. Just talk to her. Insurance... sure it is a valid point, but how will it be received by your wife. I am thinking it would be unnecessarily confrontational. Feels good, but produces the opposite effect.

    You are her husband, not some jagoff elder or some phony baloney publishing company. So maybe say to her that you feel you should be the designated health representative. Maybe even agree to honor her wishes. Then go through the excruciating details with her. What a GOLDEN opportunity to indirectly point out the absurdities of the blood doctrine. SINCERELY ask her to decide all the silly questions about fractions. It will drive her batshit, and you are the good guy "just trying to follow the org". Jiu-jitsu my friend. All about taking someones energy, and redirecting. Never oppose force with force. If she agrees, she could just tell elder jagoff 1 and 2 that she needs to redo the card.

    Yeah, I really think I would need more backstory on your wife to help craft an appropriate response. How dedicated of a JW? How long has she been in? Born in, joined as an adult? How well does she handle you not being a dub. How well do you two get along regarding JW?

    If she doesn't trust you, then that is always your step 1. The enemy for both of you is not in your home. It is outside.


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