XBox Live anyone? esp. Midtown Madness 3

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  • qwerty

    Since replacing my Laptop with a decent PC, I hardly go on the PS2. the PC is far better, until it crashes that is!

    AMD 2600+

    512 DDR RAM 333

    Geforce 440 with 128 DDR RAM.

    80 Gig HD

    It's not bad!

  • Simon

    must .... resist ......... urge ...... to talk ............... computers .........................

  • ignored_one

    I've got Midtown Madness2 on the PC. Playing online is great.

    I've also got a Gamecube with Mario Sunshine and Zelda. I swear way too much when playing Mario.

    Ignored One.

  • qwerty

    They do tend to have that effect on you, don't they!

  • onacruse

    Please review JWD guideline #8:

    Posting in a language other than English.



  • qwerty

    Onacruse Non capisco a che cosa state ottenendo! LOL!

  • smack

    My specs for getting a PC built were

    Hello, I've just bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein, build me a PC that will play it. It's a dedicated gaming PC that is just the ducks

    guts for online DoD and Natural Selection. I've just got NS2 but haven't played it yet. Bit of a bitch at 45kbs, broadband is years away

    from my place, ADSL, I wish......

    Have gamecube, PS1 and N64. Still got the mega drive and plenty of games. 13 y/o son helps justify the games budget. He wants a PS2

    for christmas


  • obiwan

    I have the xbox system and I'm addicted to Mechassault. I've been through the whole game twice, once on the average level and once on the elite level. I played xbox live after completeing the game the first time and got my but kicked. The second time I played I had just completed the elite level, and when I went online I faired much better than before...kicking some butt, oh yeah.

  • smack

    Just to annoy Simon


    Geforce 3 ti400 with 64 meg

    512meg ddr

    20 gig HDD

    DVD drive

    56k external modem

  • Simon

    Ok, I give in ...

    I built my new PC myself from components (so I could shop around for what was cheap):

    • P4 2.53 Ghz
    • 1 Gb RAM (you can never have too much memory, esp. with SQL, VMWare and Development Tools )
    • 120Gb HDD (I can't believe I need more space ... damn that digital camera)
    • DVD R/RW (my backup device, never used to copy WTS CD's)
    • ATI Radeon 9000 (dunno how much memory it has)
    • All in a nice, compact "shuttle" case.

    It's probably the most uptodate PC I've ever had ... I normally lag one or two generations behind (I just gave the AMD 500Mhz I was using to my dad) but I needed something that could cut-it for work and managed to build it up slowly in bits.

    I recommend the shuttle cases BTW for anyone wanting a nice, comact case - they are very well made and really erm ... 'cute'

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