need input: My older son has an interesting theory as to why my wife has her head in a watchtower 90% of the time

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    i said, i don't think so. i believe she is getting deeper and deeper because as a family we don't want nothing to do with the cult.............but, what do you all think.

    I think your right..

    She`s re-enforcing her beliefs..


    Shes Mentally Building a..


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  • Vidiot

    Good thread.

    Suggestions jive with my experience with my wife, although I had it easier, as she was always inactive.

  • StarTrekAngel

    A couple of years ago, when my wife had finally realized the stretch of my apostasy, she actually directly told me she was going to put her best effort to be an exemplary witness. I realize now she was really in a mission to prove herself right. She had waited 20+ years to get baptized, always feeling inadequate because she had not done it. Now that she had finally taken the plunge, there she was questioning her belief. She thought she could study this feeling away but in turn, she began to realize what her true believes where. It was not an instant thing and for all that means her realization is still a work in progress.

    It is my personal believe that you can only brainwash yourself for so long by means of studying and reading WT publications. Eventually you begin to see the redundancy of studying the same subjects again and again. Reading them in an effort to inoculate yourself from apostasy is an exercise in futility if you ask me. Eventually you will read so much that you would get to a point where you would think "Ok, I read everything I could possibly read and study. I am at point where everything else I read is repetitive. Yet, I still feel like I am not immune". Those who have not challenge their own believes can use such approach to feel "active" and faithful but those who are going thru cognitive dissonance can not get out of it by reinforcing one while disregarding the other one. The contradicting belief has to be removed all together. This is to me the reason cults insist in cutting ties with apostates. They now their own logic holds no ground unless challenges are completely removed.

    Give your wife the benefit of the doubt. Show her you believe in her intellect and that she will be able to make the right choices. Eventually the WT will challenge her intellect but they will not back down.

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