Music Video: Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on JW Broadcasting? - PARODY

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    Bumpity bump. It's good to review old information from time to time.

  • millie210

    Just as good as the first time!

    Thanks 2!

    P.S. Which GB member is that trying to dance and do a split with the girl?

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for bumping this for the benefit of a "new Generation" of forum members...(sorry, I mean the same generation of overlapping members...)

  • sparky1

    "Which GB member is that trying to dance and do a split with that girl?" -Millie210

    Why that is none other than the most honest and forthright member of the of Guardians Of Doctrine. Jehovah's own 'anointed ladies man', Governing Body (tm) STUD Geoffrey Jackson!

    Groupies abound when you are this handsome and charming.

  • freddo

    This video (and the Kingdom Hall grab) by Cappytan gave me the courage to cancel my monthly money order to the Governing Body luxury retirement home ...

    If you want to recommend it anonymously get friends to google

    "Would Jesus wear a Rolex on JW broadcasting"

  • freddo

    *** w94 8/15 p. 11 This Good News Must Be Preached First ***

    Contrast With Christendom’s Clergy

    3 In stark contrast, news reports have time and again revealed many of the clergy in some lands to be pedophiles, immoral swindlers, and frauds. Their works of the flesh and their extravagant life-styles are manifest for all to see. One popular songwriter expressed it well in his song entitled “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex [a very expensive gold watch] on His Television Show?” He asks the question: “Would Jesus be political if He came back to Earth? Have His second home in Palm Springs [a wealthy California community] and try to hide His worth?” How appropriate are the words of James: “You have lived in luxury upon the earth and have gone in for sensual pleasure. You have fattened your hearts on the day of slaughter.”—James 5:5; Galatians 5:19-21.

    Bold print added by me - Hypocrisy much?!
  • hothabanero

    lol! soo funny!

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