Scientologists defend Jehovah's Witnesses

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    At the time the research I posted was done CAN was still an independent organization. After a lawsuit brought on by the Scientologists CAN had to file for Bankruptcy. Immediately after the bankruptcy the Scientologists bought and took over CAN. Just as they pull the wool over the eyes of the movie stars in their celebrity center in Hollywood by only having them go through a selected courses in Scientology they also come off as a wolf in sheep's clothing by running The Cult Awareness Network.

    They are a lot more devious then the JW's are and go after ex Scientologists a lot more aggressively than the JW's do. They use the law very effectively and have had FBI agents asset them in ransacking ex-members homes and computers.

    They got a real slap in the face when an ex-member posted their highest level of advancement message on the Internet. After spending hundreds of thousand of dollars to get to this point, this ex-member was given the highly kept secret that L.Ron Huibbard made up so he could become a prophet in his own mind. Since they aggressively go after anyone who posts the information on the internet this ex-member posted I will only give you the basic concept.

    Here it is:

    Aliens are going to come to earth and plant a bomb in a volcano in Hawaii.

    I know that sounds crazy but that's it. That is the prophecy and closely held secret about Scientology.

    These people are mean evil and corrupt. Not to mention crazy as hell.

    I didn't post the exact copyrighted message but only mentioned a brief synapses of what it is, so they can't touch me. If any of them are reading this (which they just might be) They can kiss my butt.


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