What Did You Think Of The Songs Sung At The Kingdom Hall?

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW
    hours ago

    Davros, I found the lyrics of your favorite song in the 1966 song book. It is song 105 and is called "This Is Jehovah's Day!" In reading the words of that song I now think it was my favorite JW song and that the "We Are Jehovah's Witnesses" song was my second favorite JW song, or perhaps tied with it. Song 105 (195 in 1984 song book) is one in which I memorized much of the lyrics while I was a JW.

    I also liked the lyrics of the chorus of songs 11, 13 (33 in 1984 song book), 59 (112 in 1984 song book), and 76 (143 in 1984 song book) of the 1966 song book.

  • TD

    There aren't many opportunities to use the word, "doggerel" anymore, but describing the songs song at the KH is one of them...

  • minimus

    I have a pretty good voice and could sing most songs but that Hawaiian sounding song?? I had a hard time with.

  • Overrated

    The Kingdumb Songs all where corny and cheesy. I would not sing them. And when I did I would change the words to the song while singing. Such as "We're Gee-hovah's Dumbasse's !" And "From Ho to Ho we go"

  • slimboyfat

    Hail the Theocracy ever increasing

    Wondrous expansion is now taking place

    Praises to God are now sung without ceasing

    By those who walk in the light of his face

    (They’re fantastic!)

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