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  • Sabin
    So why do you think the Borg is encouraging youngsters to get dunked sooner? I reckon it's cause they are easy to victimise. I mean, some-one could say, keep our secret, nobody will believe you & God wont love you, but think of the power they would have if they say "You will be Disfellowshipped," on top. Personally I think child abuse is on the rise in the cong's & so will the suicides. Definitely a power control thing. Just my own opinion really. What do you think?
  • Satan
    Definitely, Yesterday I heard Jehovah talking to Jesus about it, they both agreed it was a good idea so they told Morris about it, so he could Lett everyone else know.
  • Sabin

    Oh my, hello Satan. Glad you joined the forum now we can get all the inside info we need..

  • sparky1
    Satan, whence comest thou?
  • LisaRose

    They know that once young people are baptized they are subject to being disfellowshipped if they later choose to leave, they want to get them before they are mature enough to make a reasoned decision. They say people that young are too immature to choose a marriage mate, yet they encourage them to become dedicated to the organization. They count on pressure from parents and their peers to get them baptized, then use the threat of losing family and friends to keep them. Young people go through a lot of change and personal development from fifteen until 21, they couldn't possibly know all the ramifications of their decision to get baptized. They actually have the lowest retention rate of any religion, so the inevitable result of this practice is broken families, ruined lives and suicides.

  • Divergent
  • Hecce
    My feeling is that at some point "Caesar" is going to get involved in this form of servitude or slavery for the younger ones.
  • smiddy

    I don`t know that youngster`s getting baptized is such a bad thing as I previously did.

    Think about it .

    Pre-teens have a lot to contend with growing up as we all know , hormones , puberty ,etc.etc.,you know the deal .

    They are going to make mistakes , because of immaturity etc. , and fall foul of of the Elders and be brought before a JC committee , and are either DF , or marked as a bad association , or reproved .and they are children .

    Any parent with any sense of responsibility for their child should know this is an insane policy that needs to be addressed .

    That could be a wake up call , not only to the child but also their parents .

    Who in their right mind expects children to behave like adults., apart from Jehovah`s Witnesses of course .

    Hopefully they will wake up that this is a controlling cult , that requires absolute obedience , not to GOD , but to the Governing Body of imperfect humans.standing in the place of GOD.


  • Sabin
    so just out of interest what is the youngest age you have heard of some-one being disfellowshipped? 17 years is the youngest I know of.
  • stephanie61092

    It's so disgusting. In this weeks portion of the "congregation bible study", they talked about parents encouraging children to wait to get married and not to pressure them into dating. Yet, they are laying it on thick to get baptized! I was only 13 when I got baptized. My dad even tried to reason with me not to make a life long commitment so young. No one could honestly expect a preteen to WISELY choose to get married, have children or choose a career. How can a child chose what faith they want to follow indefinitely?

    Before I was DFed (but I knew it was coming), a younger girl (15/16) who always looked up to me asked me about baptism. Even though I still believed it was "the truth" I told her "WAIT! Jesus was 30 when he was baptized, you don't need to rush." Although I hadn't lost my faith yet, I knew this girl was on a similar path as I had been and would most likely get in trouble. The last thing I wanted for her was to lose her family/friends. Now, knowing everything I've learned since being DFed, I wish I could tell her to GTFO and never, ever get baptized!

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